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Friday, March 31, 2006

Slapped in the face

By Aussiegirl

An impassioned letter to World Net Daily by a Hispanic immigrant who loves his adopted country and condemns in vigorous language the opportunistic and hateful forces who are using this immigration turmoil to infuse their hatred into both Americans and Mexicans.

WorldNetDaily: Slapped in the face

As an immigrant who came to this beautiful and blessed country legally, I am deeply offended and upset for what I consider a slap in my face by the opportunistic Democrat politicians and the gutless Republican leaders in Washington. They have betrayed all of those who played by the rules to become U.S. citizens.

[...] I believe that those protesters – who were a combination of anti-American groups and resentful illegal Mexicans – should go to Mexico and protest before Vicente Fox and demand from him and his government jobs and social justice. Finally, I believe that all illegal Mexicans in this country should unite, march and chant: "Thank you America, Thank you America, I love you America, I love you America."

Caesar M. Arevalo


At 8:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The operative word is "Anti-American" -- don't think for a minute that the leftist/marxist element in south america is not rejoicing ( and did I mention the Kremlin?)


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