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Friday, April 07, 2006

More praise for Herb Meyer's The Siege of Western Civilization

By Aussiegirl

Vasko Kohlmayer understands the importance to keeping alive our Western Civilization of our taking to heart the implications of Herb Meyer's DVD.

The American Thinker

The other day I watched an extraordinary DVD presentation called The Siege of Western Civilization . A one of the kind documentary which has already become an international bestseller, it was made and narrated by Herb Meyer.

When Mr. Meyer has something to say, then, we had better pay attention. Today he is once again making a dire prediction, but this time it does not concern our enemy but ourselves. His message is as simple as it is disturbing: If we are not careful our civilization will die.

In this immensely captivating work, Mr. Meyer pinpoints in breathtaking fashion the great threats that are endangering our very existence. Zooming in and out of history with unparalleled ease, this documentary puts the pressing problems of our time into a historical perspective in a way not to be seen anywhere else. Anyone who wants to understand the predicament we currently face and how it has come about should make an effort to see this masterful and moving presentation.

[...] History itself has certified Mr. Meyer as one of the most prescient observers of our time. We can only ignore his message at our own peril.


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