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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Iran to flog women for violating dress code -- punishing the object of man's desire

By Aussiegirl

Iran's headlong rush into the 7th Century continues with the news that women will henceforth be flogged immediately for the crime of violating the strict Islamic dress code. And for those impatient to pay for their transgressions the punishment will commence immediately without having to wait in a cue. For those who fail to cover their hair the punishment is even more severe, 10 days to 10 months in prison. Flogging consists of 100 lashes administered in public.

Where is the outrage? Where is the publicity? When a Canadian paper recently published the news that Iran was considering a dress code that would force non-Islamic citizens to wear distinguishing clothing and it turned out that technically this was true, since the parliament did consider such a bill but neglected in the end to pass it, that this was somehow a scandalous calumny against the tolerant Iranian regime and was widely trumpeted in th e press. But the fact that women will be flogged mercilessly for even uncovering their hair or wearing makeup scarcely even warrants a mention.

Where are the feminists? The same ones who were so worked up over Larry Summers's innocuous comments about the underrepresentation of women in the sciences. The ones where feminists in the audience were so sickened that they had to excuse themselves lest they vomit in the auditorium. Yes, those feminists! Are they the same ones who are going to preach cultural tolerance of these barbaric codes? Are they going to somehow portray this as merely a matter of cultural custom and in reality Islam's veneration and respect for women? Where are the burka-wearing idiots? Those Western women who voluntarily don the burka in solidarity with their Islamic friends? Where are the ones who extoll the virtues of the burka and tell us that at least you don't have to worry about having a bad hair day if you wear one? It's one thing to put on chains voluntarily because it gives you some kind of cheap thrill, and quite another to be chained by a barbaric code. And for that matter, where is Oprah Winfrey, that useless mound of fat blubber who panders to suburban women with whom she has absolutely nothing in common?

Oh, dear God -- where is the humanity? Does this not offend everyone's most basic sensibilities? The only question the modern world seems to be facing is whether or not Western civilization commits suicide by hedonistic excess and decadence, or is conquered by a 7th Century fanatical cult of evil.

Let's be clear about this -- I have it on good authority from a close acquaintance of the male persuasion that in his opinion the subjugation of women we see in fundamentalist Islamist societies is a direct result of men's fear and loathing of women, based on their own weakness and lack of control. It's a form of projection. The man hates himself for his own feelings of uncontrollable lust that occur to him when he sees a woman in the streets, and his inability to control himself is externalized and thus the blame is thrown on the object of the lust and desire -- the woman. Thus it is thought by Muslims that women's hair casts out evil rays that bewitch and seduce a man into doing satan's bidding. So it is the fragility of the male ego and his awareness of his impotence before his own lust that drives him to subjugate the object of his desire.

It's like the bank robber blaming the bank, or the alcoholic blaming the alcohol. Take a look at the entire spectrum of Islamic society. It is a society run by men who are completely ruled by their uncontrollable emotions and unbridled passions. If you think about it, it's quite strange -- or maybe not. The Islamic religion means submission. That is why they prostrate themselves, and if you are a Muslim you need not make any decisions on your own. Islam prescribes how you dress, bathe, go to the toilet, behave, what you read, what you eat, what you listen to, what you do. Absolutely every facet of your life is decided. The individual is completely robbed of his free will and becomes a slave to god. But there is always temptation. And it is here that woman is always at fault, and indeed even in previous societies and previous eras of Western culture, woman has always been seen as the seductress, and they wily temptress luring man off the path of the straight and narrow. Now, there is nothing preventing man from controlling his own impulses, just as each of has has to control many impulses that we feel countless times a day. Whether to have that second jelly doughnut (or even the first, for that matter). Whether to have that extra drink, or to stay up too late, or to put off doing what we know we need to do. How much easier to put all those things out of sight and out of mind. Hide those jelly doughnuts, avoid alcohol, force women to cover up so you don't have to face the uncontrollable demon inside you.

Yes, the conundrum is, that when man abandons his free will and becomes a willing slave, he then ironically becomes a slave to his passions. A slave to every passing emotion and desire. Not having learned self-control or the use of reason because he relies exclusively on external rules to live by, he then must destroy and subjugate everything that causes doubt, that causes temptation, that causes distress.

To see some photos of victims of Islamic flogging click here

Iran Focus-Iran to speed up flogging of women for "bad" veil - Women - News

Women who violate Iran’s strict Islamic dress code will be flogged immediately, prosecutor’s offices in provincial centres announced on Tuesday.

In the central Iranian city of Shahin-Shahr, the prosecutor’s office posted huge notices on billboards and shop windows warning women that dress code violators will appear before an Islamic judge immediately after arrest to receive a sentence, usually 100 lashes in public. The prosecutor will be demanding maximum penalties, the notice warned.

“Individuals whose state of attire and make-up is against religious laws in public will be prosecuted without having to first wait in a queue and will be sentenced to flogging and fines”, the statement said.

“Scarves which do not cover the hair and neck”, “tight overcoats or coats that which finish above the knees and whose sleeves cover to a point higher than the wrist”, “tight trousers which do not cover the calf of the leg”, and “women’s make-up” are all forbidden, according to the statement, which added that failure to adhere to the dress code would be dealt with accordingly.

Women whose scarves do not properly cover up their hair will face between 10 days to 10 months in prison, the statement added.


At 6:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

what a shame noone else has yet left a message, you wrote so powerfully and it mirrored my views absolutely. I am utterly horrified that this demonic gender apartheid and torture of women is ignored internationally. If this were a racial issue then there would be an outcry. Indeed, where are the feminists? Do they accept 9 year old girls being married to old men or children who have been raped being murdered for the crime of adultery? Why don't they respond to the utter degradation of women? Why doesn't anybody?

At 4:29 PM, Anonymous price per head call center said...

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