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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Mr. Birdnow makes a modest proposal on immigration

By Aussiegirl

Our dear friend Tim Birdnow, as usual, makes some excellent historical points and offers some creative suggestions for dealing with the current immigration crisis in Mexico. Don't miss this!

Birdblog: The Second Mexican War

After Sam Houston captured Santa Ana, the tinhorn dictator agreed to Texas independence. He and the Mexican government reneged, and there was constant border violations by the Mexican government (it was part of why the Texas Rangers were founded.) The United States did not play that game, and they went in and deposed the Mexican government. The problem stopped.

In the final analysis, this IS a hostile act by a foreign government. If we truly mean to stop the invasion, we have to deal with the Mexican government! [....]

It took us over 20 years to realize that Islamic Fundamentalism was at war with us; we ignored attack after attack. Mexico has been conducting a similar campaign of aggression at least as long, and we are still pretending they are our friends. Both have the potential of destroying our country-one with bullets the other with babies. Isn`t it about time we woke up to that fact?


At 12:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Birdnow is right of course; it is war by any other name. While there are some like him and like Lawrence Auster who have been describing this as a second Mexican war, still many people persist in seeing it as merely a spontaneous migration of poor people seeking 'a better life' or fleeing starvation. Maybe this is partly true, but I suspect there is a conscious plan to colonize America, and to send as the 'invasion force' a group of people who appear non-threatening, just poor people, including women and children; I think Americans are known for their sentimentalism, and this makes us vulnerable. We view them as underdogs and victims, not as a threat to us. Our softheartedness is a real liability in this case.


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