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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Soros' takeover of the Democrat party threatens our democracy

By Aussiegirl

Here's a Jamie Glazov interview in Front Page Magazine concerning the new book by David Horowitz and Richard Poe on the takeover of the Democratic party, and by extension American politics, by the Marxist ideologue, George Soros. Read and digest to fully understand what is going on in our country. The destruction of Joe Lieberman is only the beginning. And this article makes even more curious the strange friendship between the Bush family and the Clintons. One would almost be excused for thinking in terms of elites getting together to rule the country while fooling the electorate into believing there is a dime's worth of difference between them. I'm afraid the actions of both Democrats and Republicans in the past few years have left me cynical beyond hope. I simply no longer believe there are any, or at least precious few, elected officials who actually care about serving their constituencies. Instead they appear to be more interested in feathering their own political nests and pushing their own agendas irrespective of the wishes of the electorate, whom they seem to regard as pesky nags who won't let them rule the way they want to. If this is true, then the Bush family are either knowingly complicit in this scenario, or they are unbelievably foolish idiots and tools of forces they do not understand. After reading this I don't know which is the greater threat to our future -- unrestricted illegal immigration, Islamic fundamentalism or George Soros and the useful-idiot ruling elites that seem clueless as to the gathering dangers.

On the other hand, we will find out soon enough if Soros' plans are successful, or if he crashes on the shoals of his own hubris. If he manages to wrest control of the Democrat party and swing it wildly leftward, he may well make Democrats irrelevant for the foreseeable future. In which case he would have wasted a lot of his own money. A fool and his money are often soon parted, after all. But should this happen. it is also not a good thing for Republicans. Without a credible opposition in the Democratic Party, we will continue to see the kind of out-of-control hubris and wild spending that has characterized the Republican majority in the past few years. That too is a danger. If all Soros' succeeds in doing is making one party irrelevant, it is still damaging to our way of life and our political health.

All in all, we are witnessing a huge change in not only our global future, but our domestic one was well. The center does not seem to be holding, domestically or in foreign affairs, and we are living in very dangerous and unstable times. But perhaps it was always so. I just heard on the radio today that when the news came out that Hitler had invaded Poland, a United States Senator made the statement "If only I had had a chance to talk to Hitler this could all have been avoided." Who knew John Kerry was a senator way back then?

In addition, the book lays out in great detail the incredible harm done to our political system and free speech by the infamous McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform. If nothing else, this piece of perfidious legislation should put paid to any hope that John McCain has for running for the presidency on the Republican ticket. And it is another instance of a curious dereliction of duty by George Bush, who signed the bill while saying openly he believed it was unconstitutional. By doing so he was openly flouting his sworn oath to uphold and defend the Constitution when he was inaugurated. Was he being merely politically cynical and following advice that the bill would be politically expedient for the Republican party and end up hurting Democratic fundraising, or was it a knowing collusion with a plan to limit free speech in the electoral process. Either scenario is damning, I'm afraid.

All I can say is that the political process seems broken in our country, and if the talking heads wonder why we can't get hyped up about the coming election, they need look no further than the hopeless mess that Washington has become. The people have come to realize that the politicians no longer reckon with them, and instead seek to rule rather than to lead.

FrontPage magazine.com :: The Shadow Party by Jamie Glazov

A new book by David Horowitz and Richard Poe has enraged the Left and alarmed many conservatives. It exposes the machinations of a radical clique working at the highest levels of government and finance to undermine American power. That book is The Shadow Party: How George Soros, Hillary Clinton and Sixties Radicals Seized Control of the Democratic Party. It hit the New York Times bestseller list in its first week in print.

Here to tell us about The Shadow Party is co-author Richard Poe, our esteemed colleague at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, where he serves as director of research. Mr. Poe has written a number of bestselling books. His last two releases were Hillary's Secret War and The Seven Myths of Gun Control.

[...]FP: So what exactly is the Shadow Party?

Poe: The Shadow Party is the real power driving the Democrat machine. It is a network of radicals dedicated to transforming our constitutional republic into a socialist hive.

The leader of these radicals is multibillionaire George Soros. He has essentially privatized the Democratic Party, bringing it under his personal control. The Shadow Party is the instrument through which he exerts that control.

FP: How does it work?

Poe: It works by siphoning off hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign contributions that would have gone to the Democratic Party in normal times, and putting those contributions at the personal disposal of Mr. Soros. He then uses that money to buy influence and loyalty where he sees fit.

In 2003, Soros set up a network of privately-owned groups which acts as a shadow or mirror image of the Party. It performs all the functions we would normally expect the real Democratic Party to perform, such as shaping the Party platform, fielding candidates, running campaigns, and so forth. However, it performs these functions under the private supervision of Mr. Soros and his associates.

The Shadow Party derives its power from its ability to raise huge sums of money. By controlling the Democrat pursestrings, the Shadow Party can make or break any Democrat candidate by deciding whether or not to fund him.

During the 2004 election cycle, the Shadow Party raised more than $300 million for Democrat candidates, prompting one of its operatives, MoveOn PAC director Eli Pariser, to declare, “Now it’s our party. We bought it, we own it…”

FP: Everyone knows that Soros has poured money into MoveOn. Can you name some other Shadow Party groups?

Poe: The Shadow Party is always changing. New groups form and old ones dissolve. For instance, America Coming Together -- which raised $135 million for Democrat get-out-the-vote drives in 2004 – has been mothballed, at least for now. The most active Shadow Party groups today are probably the Center for American Progress, America Votes, Democracy Alliance, the New Democrat Network, the New Politics Institute, ACORN and, of course, MoveOn.org.

FP: How does Soros use his influence over the Party?

Poe: He uses it to push the Party leftward. He is systematically purging the Party of moderates and packing it with radicals. For instance, the Shadow Party ousted Senator Joseph Lieberman in favor of Ned Lamont, because Lieberman refused to support a “cut-and-run” policy in Iraq.

FP: Isn’t that just politics as usual, though – wealthy fat cats funding their favorite candidates?

Poe: Funding ordinary candidates, be they Democrats or Republicans, would be politics as usual. Funding radical candidates who seek America’s destruction is not. Money is a tool. It can be used for good or evil. The Shadow Party is using it for evil.

FP: Does the Shadow Party really seek to destroy America?

Judge for yourself. In his new book The Age of Fallibility, Soros writes, “The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States.” He announced in 2003 that it is necessary to “puncture the bubble of American supremacy.” Soros is working systematically to achieve that goal.

On the economic front, he is shorting the dollar in global currency markets, trying to force a devaluation. At the same time, Soros is orchestrating a nationwide movement to encourage mass immigration into the United States, and to mandate the provision of free social services to illegal immigrants. These measures alone have the potential to bankrupt the nation. However, if they fail, Soros has another program that will certainly finish the job. A long-time Soros operative named Jeffrey Sachs has been placed in charge of the United Nations Millennium Project – a global war on poverty designed to transfer wealth from rich countries to poor ones. Sachs is currently demanding that American taxpayers turn over $140 billion per year to his global welfare bureaucracy.

On the political front, Soros has poured massive funding into such groups as the ACLU, which uses lawsuits to hamstring the War on Terror. Soros also funds Amnesty International, whose US executive director has called for the arrest of President Bush as a war criminal. Another Soros-funded group, The Center for Constitutional Rights, has drawn up detailed articles of impeachment against the President.

FP: Tell me about Soros’ efforts to rewrite the U.S. Constitution.

Poe: Mr. Soros advocates deep structural change in our system of government. In April 2005, Yale Law School hosted an event called, “The Constitution in 2020”, whose stated goal was to formulate “a progressive vision of what the Constitution ought to be.” Of the event’s five institutional sponsors, one was Soros’ flagship foundation The Open Society Institute, and two others were Soros-funded Shadow Party groups; the Center for American Progress and the American Constitution Society. We nicknamed that event the Shadow Constitutional Convention.

FP: What parts of our Constitution does Soros want to change?

Poe: He appears to have a special animus against the Bill of Rights. Take freedom of worship, for instance. Soros seems to favor some sort of religious apartheid, with fundamentalist Christians banished to a socio-political Bantustan. For example, in a New Yorker interview of October 18, 2004, he said of President Bush, “The separation of church and state, the bedrock of our democracy, is clearly undermined by having a born-again President.”

Then there’s the Second Amendment. Soros has provided massive funding to anti-gun groups and anti-gun litigators. The unprecedented assault on gun rights during the 1990s was largely bankrolled by Soros.

FP: You and David Horowitz have also accused Soros of promoting political censorship in America.

Poe: Most Americans do not realize that the McCain-Feingold Act of 2002 was a Trojan Horse. Its stated purpose was to reform campaign finance law. Its actual effect is to regulate political speech. McCain-Feingold was a Shadow Party initiative. Soros and a group of leftwing foundations spent over $140 million to get it passed.

Here’s how it works. McCain-Feingold authorizes federal election officials to decide who may or may not run political advertisements during election season, and what sorts of ads they may run. In September 2004, a federal judge expanded McCain-Feingold’s reach by ordering the FEC to begin censoring the Internet. Blogger outrage forced the FEC to back down, but McCain-Feingold remains on the books. Sooner or later, it will be enforced, to the full extent its creators envisioned. We can thank Mr. Soros for these developments.

FP: Of course, we can also thank Republican Senator John McCain, who co-sponsored the bill.

Poe: Yes, but McCain has a long history of collusion with the Shadow Party.

During the 2000 presidential campaign, Soros sponsored two so-called “Shadow Conventions,” held at the same time and in the same cities as the Republican and Democratic Conventions, in Philadelphia and Los Angeles respectively. Their purpose was to promote campaign finance reform. John McCain gave the keynote speech at the Philadelphia “Soros Convention” (as columnist Robert Novak dubbed it), while Russ Feingold did so at the LA event.

McCain’s service to the Shadow Party brought him financial benefits. In 2001, McCain founded the Reform Institute for Campaign and Election Issues. The Institute’s major funders were mostly leftwing foundations. Prominent among them was George Soros’ Open Society Institute.

FP: It seems ironic that Soros spent ten years lobbying for campaign finance reform, only to emerge as one of the biggest influence buyers in Washington.

Poe: As I said, the McCain-Feingold Act was a Trojan Horse. It made the Shadow Party possible. Among other things, it forced the Democratic Party into a financial crisis, enabling Soros to swoop in and buy up the Party at a bargain-basement price.


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well, I am a hungarian. we hungarians would never take the crap you guys in the Ukraine tolerated for 70 years. that's why Soros doesn't like republicans, they are nazis in disguise, just like Putin is a communist in disguise.


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