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Friday, September 08, 2006

Bronze Age pyramid found in Ukraine

By Aussiegirl

Here's some interesting archeological news from Ukraine. The ancient Ukrainian forbears indeed were sun worshippers, and this appears to be the first ever find of a pyramidal structure in Europe. Here's a link to an article about a possible find of a similar pyramid in Bosnia, from April's BBC News.

The pictured pyramid you see here is a Mayan pyramid, or ziggurat.

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Bronze Age pyramid found in Ukraine

Archaeologists in Ukraine have unearthed the remains of an ancient pyramidal structure that pre-dates those in Egypt by at least 300 years. The stone foundations of the structure, which probably resembled Aztec and Mayan ziggurats in South America, were discovered near the eastern city of Lugansk.

It is thought they were laid about five millennia ago during the early Bronze Age by animists who worshipped a sun god. The "pyramid" is in fact a complex of temples and sacrificial altars topping a sculpted hillside with steps on its sides.

Viktor Klochko, head of the excavation, said the discovery was of international significance. "This is the first monument of its age and kind found in eastern Europe," he told the Guardian. "It changes our whole conception of the social structure and the level of development of the cattle breeders and farmers who were the direct ancestors of most European peoples."

There are about 100 pyramids in Egypt, and the remains of Mesopotamian pyramids are preserved in Iraq and Iran. Ziggurats are also found in Mexico, and the Nubians built pyramids as burial sites for monarchs in the Nile valley. But pyramid structures are rare in Europe. One of the few is a Roman-era pyramid near Nice, France, that may have built by legionnaires involved in an Egyptian cult.

Although graves have been found at the Lugansk site, archaeologists think it was used for sacrifice by burning, rather than as a burial ground. "People lived in the surrounding valleys and climbed up it to carry out their ceremonies," said Mr Klochko. "They had a pagan cult that bowed down to the sun, as did the ancestors of the Slavs."

Remains of sacrifice victims, ashes and ceramics have been found at the site, but no jewellery or treasure. The three-quarters of a square mile complex, which was an estimated 60 metres (192ft) high, was probably used for about 2,000 years.

"What surprised me most is the scale of this enormous complex," Stanislav Mogilny, a student working on the excavation, told Russian television. It's just incredible - a titanic feat."


At 5:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shamanism is the root of all modern day religions, what we see today as orthodox religious beliefs are just a multitude of splintered sects. Only through a return unto our shamanic beliefs will the world become of one cohesive belief system again.
You see although I became a born again christian many years back, its does seem to me that recieving the holy spirit by giving yourself to christ is no different than a shaman accepting one of his ancestors as a spirit guide, infact its probably the very same.
Maybe thats why christhood should unite us rather than split us apart which is what seems to have happened with all the different sects, grasping for power and place, thats not christianity at all.
I can recognise a closer spiritual brotherhood in the beliefs of the Australian Aboriginese and American Indians than I do with any vicar in a pulpit, infact I choose to listen to my guiding spirit rather than any bible bashing indoctrination.
From being in the belly of a whale to being in a tomb for three days and nights, plus christs saying about being able to find him when you snap a branch or lift a stone, it all makes perfect sence in shamanic beliefs.
Great site girl, hope you do not mind me linking too you!

At 12:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very interesting article on Ukrainian pyramids.
I was fascinated by your bio, you see, I have a similar background as yours. My father escaped the forced famine of 1932-33 but my grandparents starved to death. My dad also "escaped" to Germany only to find himself working like a slave under the Nazis.
Well, it was great stumbling on to your blog.
Too bad I'm 6 years late. Hope you're still reading the comments.
~ Bohdan

At 2:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

2nd Peter 3:K.J.V. speaks of the 3 wold ages. If this is truly Jurassic period it would fit in the 1st world age.


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