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Friday, September 29, 2006

Third Night of Ramadan Rioting in Capital of Europe

By Aussiegirl

Did you miss this story with all the breaking coverage of the attempted suicide (or was it?) of some bloated, overpaid football star? I thought so. That's why Ultima Thule is here, my friends, to bring you those little tidbits of news that the major media choose to overlook in their obscene pursuit of missing blondes, spoiled sports stars and the tragedy of the week sagas we are subjected to on a daily basis. So the American people are led to the slaughter, lulled into soporific stupor by a lazy and irresponsible press, too stupid themselves, evidently, to see the danger they are in.

Third Night of Ramadan Rioting in Capital of Europe | The Brussels Journal

It looks as if immigrants youths want to turn nightly rioting during the Islamic holy month of ramadan into an annual tradition. Around 8:30pm last night violence erupted again in Brussels, the capital of Europe. The riots centered on the Brussels Marollen quarter and the area near the Midi Train Station, where the international trains from London and Paris arrive. Youths threw stones at passing people and cars, windows of parked cars were smashed, bus shelters were demolished, cars were set ablaze, a youth club was arsoned and a shop was looted. Two molotov cocktails were thrown into St.Peter’s hospital, one of the main hospitals of central Brussels. The fire brigade was able to extinguish the fires at the hospital, but youths managed to steal the keys of the fire engine.

During the month of ramadan Muslims are required to fast during the day and are only allowed to eat after sunset. As Esther pointed out “What should be noticed about the riots is that they start after sunset. Besides the fact that they start after dark, it also gives the rioters enough time to break their fast and enjoy the traditional family meal. Sunset is around 7:30pm.” Tuesday’s and Monday’s riots began around 8:30pm.


At 6:05 PM, Blogger Timothy Birdnow said...

I suppose these riots are because of the American invasion of Iraq and the loyal assistance Europe has given us.

Oops, I forgot-they didn`t give us any. Gee, I wonder why they are rioting? It must be SOMETHING the Europeans did!

At 12:13 AM, Blogger Aussiegirl said...

Just another day celebrating the holy month of Ramadan, Tim. Reminds me somewhat of the annual Easter riots that rock Europe every spring -- wait -- that never happens!


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