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Friday, October 06, 2006

Michelle Malkin smeared by bogus photographs

By Aussiegirl

Even though I have a blog myself, I do my own thing and rarely if ever visit the so-called "big blogs", especially those of the left. I'm frankly shocked as to the level of hatred and vitriol that is evidently prevalent at those sites. Looks like I'm not missing anything by passing on Wonkette and The Daily Kos.

Townhall.com::Future women leaders of America: Beware of Photoshop::By Ashley Herzog

...After [Michelle Malkin] wrote a column criticizing once-wholesome singer Charlotte Church for her slide into pop star hedonism, left-wing Internet blogs discovered photographs of Malkin on spring break fourteen years ago. Accompanied by headlines like “Michelle Malkin gone wild” and “Michelle, you ignorant slut,” the blogs linked to a photo-sharing page that featured Malkin cavorting with girlfriends and posing in a string bikini.

It seemed like the perfect “gotcha” moment for the liberal blogosphere. But there was a problem: the photo page wasn’t real. I know this because most of the pictures on it belong to me.

Whoever made the photo page apparently wasn’t content to insult Malkin, an Asian woman, with racial slurs – a popular activity among her critics. Instead, they aimed to expose her as a hypocrite. Using pictures stolen from various Webshots.com accounts, including mine, the creator wrote captions to imply that I had had been a classmate of Malkin’s at Oberlin College in the early 90s – and that she was anything but a moralist back then.

By the time I discovered the hoax, liberal blogs were already hard at work smearing Malkin as a “slut,” “hussy,” and “b-tch.”

I was shocked as I scrolled through posts and reader comments about my pictures, some of them photoshopped or falsely labeled as pictures of Malkin. Racist jokes and sexual denigration were common themes.

Beneath a picture of me with a close friend from high school, someone had written, “She looks so happy back then…I wonder what made her become such a bitch? Maybe her grandma never sent her a care pack of adobo and lumpia shanghai.”

When someone commented that the photo of Malkin in a skimpy bikini appeared to be photoshopped, a reader responded, “A too small head on Malkin's body doesn't mean it's Photoshopped. It just means that she has to put in the extra effort when she gives blow jobs.” The malicious posts did not appear on obscure blogs serving the political fringe. In fact, the most aggressive attacks came from a law professor at the University of North Carolina and a blog conglomerate valued at $76 million. Despite Malkin’s insistence that the photo site was an obvious forgery, the blogs continued to deride her as a hypocrite and, above all, a “skank.”

Still, I was confident that I could put an end to the hoax by coming forward as the owner of the photographs. I wrote an e-mail to Wonkette, the blog that first posted the pictures. I explained that only one picture on the page showed the real Michelle Malkin – I took it at the Conservative Political Action Conference last February, where I briefly met her. The others had been stolen from my webpage.

Three days later my letter remained unanswered, and the smear campaign against Malkin raged on. I sent a second request to Gawker, the media empire that owns Wonkette, detailing the theft of my pictures. I was optimistic that a conglomerate worth tens of millions of dollars would show some accountability toward its audience.

Two days have passed, and my inbox is still empty.


At 7:17 PM, Blogger Mr. Spog said...

I don't frequent the leftist blogs either . . . But if this kind of thing is widespread, it's quite strange. Anti-racism (oh yes, and anti-sexism) is about the only principle these people claim to believe in strongly. Once they have stooped to taking cheap racist and sexist shots, they are left with -- nothing, basically. So what is really driving them?

At 8:35 PM, Anonymous Dr. Heckle said...

Nothing like the truth to skewer a smear campaign. All involved, including Eric Muller, the law professor you spoke about, should be (but likely are not) thoroughly ashamed. Nice job, Aussiegirl.

At 10:18 AM, Blogger ajw308 said...

I don't frequent the lefty blogs. I see more then enough of their sillyness highlighted on Vox's site.

The hypocrisy of the left continues to amaze me. How they can't see the disconnect between their actions and words is beyond me.

Also In Deo Veritas is abandoned and timed out. Some porn site is now using its URL. You may want to delete it from your list of suggested blogs.

At 9:15 AM, Anonymous blackminorca said...

Doctored Pix?

Nothing new here as it is SOP for the left and straight out of the KGB manual

At 3:45 PM, Blogger Aussiegirl said...

Thanks for the comments, guys. I think I need to clear up any misapprehensions some of you may have had.

I am NOT the original person in the doctored pictures -- the article is clearly posted and credited as being from NRO, and is written by a Miss Ashley Herzog, who lays claim to the body in string bikini featured in the doctored photos.

Aussiegirl would never wear a string bikini, even in the privy of her own home. She prefers the Lana Turner look.

And just another note from the female perspective. The photoshopping is so bad that there is no way any serious person could mistake this for a real shot. The head is way too small for the body, and Michelle is obviously a slimmer gal than the one pictured in the photo (sorry, Ashley).


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