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Friday, May 05, 2006

Harvard passes up opportunity to pay homage to Kim Il Sung

By Aussiegirl

Wow -- it must hurt Harvard to pass up another opportunity to bow down before a communist despot. Yale has its Taliban - Harvard has its commmies. Get out the checkbooks, parents, you can't let your kids miss an opportunity to study at these hallowed halls of ivy!

Well, there's always next year and a chance to worship at the portrait of Mao.

HARVARD BACKS DOWN By DEBORAH ORIN - New York Post Online Edition: postopinion

HARVARD University has abruptly scrubbed plans for a luxury alumni tour to Stalinist North Korea complete with instructions for Harvard grads to bow down to the rogue nation's paranoid rulers to show proper "respect."

The Harvard Alumni Association tour memo told travelers that it's "important" to show respect and "you will be expected to bow as a gesture of respect" at a statue and mausoleum for notorious human rights violator Kim Il Sung.

The trip got cancelled a week after The Post revealed the $636-a-night totalitarian tourism. But Harvard alumni spokeswoman Sarah Friedell said it wasn't because the university was embarrassed - rather, Harvard simply couldn't arrange satisfactory insurance and medical evacuation, she said.

Five Harvard grads had signed up for a chance to tour North Korea, stay at four-star hotels and see a giant gymnastic performance in a land known for deliberate starvation of thousands, concentration camps and gas chambers, trafficking in women and children and likely genocide.


At 4:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Next it will be Stalin. Seeing as how Uncle Joe is being rehabilitated in Russia, and all.


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