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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Call him anything, but color him orange

By Aussiegirl

It just struck me today that Kerry's strange new orangey hue gives a whole new meaning to the term "color commentary".

Earlier today, Intrepid Consumer of Blogs, otherwise known as Carol, points out that a plastic surgeon commenting on Freepers mentions that the orange color looks to him like the spray tan that is used to disguise recent Botox injections which leave telltale bruises for several days.

We can now look back and remember all those little "breaks" that Kerry took so frequently during the primaries and also the regular election season. We all thought he looked remarkably "ironed" when he got back, with that rather unnatural waxy smoothness and pallor of a beautifully laid-out corpse ready for viewing by the grieving relatives.

The worried mien, those knitted brows perpetually arched in a sort of teepee of querulousness, suddenly gave way to a flat line and brow of smooth blandness. The wrinkles which looked like someone took his face and squeezed together and UP -- suddenly looked like whoever was doing the squeezing suddenly let go.

But the good doctor describes that Botox is frequently used to paralyze sweat glands in various parts of the body. It has indeed been recently approved for such a purpose in underarms of people who perspire profusely and embarrassingly.

So more than likely, this is Kerry's attempt to avoid the dripping upper lip and otherwise soaked appearance during his acceptance speech that seemed to evoke more than memories of those fetid jungles and humid swamps of Cambodia and Vietnam.

Those memories that are seared, SEARED in his memory. Now he is seared to perfection to a beautiful, golden orange.


At 10:15 PM, Blogger BonnieBlueFlag said...

It is a well know fact that just prior to the Movie Industry's Academy Awards, all of the stars get these Botox injections under their arms, so that they will not perspire on the Red Carpet.


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