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Friday, October 15, 2004

Happy Birthday to Plum

By Aussiegirl

Even in the midst of this election season it is a delight to take a time out to partake of some timeless pleasures. And one of the best, surely, are the marvelous writings of the genius of the English language and that insightful student of human nature (especially the nature of upper-class twits and formidable aunts), the comic genius himself, P. G. Wodehouse. John B. Dwyer in The American Thinker today provides us with a delightful reminder of this man's prolific and varied talent. Read on:

Happy Birthday, P.G. Wodehouse

October 15th, 2004

Wherein we hear from Bertie Wooster, Jeeves, denizens of the Drones Club, and some of the regulars at the Angler's Rest holding forth on the 123rd anniversary of the birth of The Master.�

I had recently returned to the old metrop after a spot of golf in Scotland, while Jeeves, proving once again that no living creature, including salmon, could match his brainpower, filled his creel on a regular basis elsewhere in that scenic country where inhabitants become unseemly trencherman when confronted with that beastly concoction called haggis.�

I went round that place held sacred by the Scots called S'nandrews with my old pal Bingo Little.� That is, until Bingo cast his eyeballs upon the nubile daughter of the head greens keeper.� Never saw him after that.

Ran into famed golf expert Sandy McHoots while I was there.� He fell into a reminiscent mood one afternoon and started telling me about playing golf with P.G. Wodehouse.� Told me the man loved the game with a passion, much like the blighters in his golf stories, although they tended to mix their game with the divine passion, viz. love.� Sandy recalled that Wodehouse once told him that he'd never won a match, having spent his golfing life out of bounds, but that " I get more fun out of my golf than any man I know when I am hitting my drives."�� Man after my own heart.

Back here in the old digs I've been reminded by Jeeves that we're to attend a birthday party tonight.


The man appeared like a djinn before the presence.� Sir?

Where is it we're supposed to be going for this binge?

We're to motor to Lord Emsworth's estate, Blandings Castle, to celebrate the birthday of Mr�I should say, Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse,� born in Surrey, England October 15, 1881.� He is better known as P.G. Wodehouse and his nickname is Plum.� Quite the prolific writer, sir.

You called him 'Sir' Jeeves.� Was he knighted?

Yes, sir, the year he died.

Bloody lot of good that did him.�


For rolicking more fun and information read the entire article.


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