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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Well, I watched

By Aussiegirl

Well, I wasn't going to, but I did watch -- and am I glad I did!! Outta da ball park!!! Edwards was left hemming, hawing, repeatedly grasping at "John Kerry and I" and could not even stop himself when he was asked not to name the Presidential nominee.
He smirked and looked like he was going "nya, nya, nya" and making faces the way girls do when they are mocking someone while Cheney was dicing and splicing him. Sooo unbecoming of a VP candidate - and in a time of war. And THEN -- he smirks and grins while Cheney is talking about the possibility of nukes going off in our cities and NOISILY RIPS a piece of paper off his pad right during that statement. That made him seem even more childish, rude and unserious all at the same time. Like an adolescent making faces while dad talks about taking responsibility. Completely unready for prime time -- and probably never ready is the message that came across loud and clear. Clueless is another word that comes to mind. Robotic and rather hysterical repetitions of the same points, over and over again. And good for Gwen Awful -- as bad as she was she at least managed to ask Edwards some tough questions and to actually quote Kerry's infamous "global test" words to him right after he had just gotten finished DENYING that Kerry had ever said it.

Then she commented that Edwards had completely failed to address the Israeli/Palestinian issue and he came back with some smarmy smart-aleck response to cover his embarrassment and surprise at being called out. Very unseemly. His entire response, as a matter of fact, on the Israeli issue, was a strange diversion into a detailed description of a trip he supposedly took there and a wonderful ad for the King David Hotel - I fully expected to hear about their full range of amenities, including the tasty food that was being constantly provided by room service for his wife. But it ended up being a story of the Pizzeria bombing and when he launched into the tragic deaths of 6 Israeli children I half expected him to start channeling them and say that he was now representing the parents in a suit against the Pizzeria owners.

Cheney repeatedly hammered home the necessary points. Kerry's unfitness to be Commander in Chief. His inconsistencies, his miserable Senate record, Edwards miserable Senate record (his own home town paper calls him Senator Gone), their votes against crucial issues, both domestic and foreign. And -- the most devastating slam of the night (although there were so many it's hard to choose) -- "If you can't stand up to Howard Dean how can you stand up to Al Qaeda?" Wow -- coast to coast slam-dunker on that one (to mix my sports analogies, sports I know little about).

All in all, not a horror movie night, and if anything, one of those exhilarating nights when you finally get off the roller coaster that you'd been dreading all day -- and guess what?? It turned out to be a fun ride after all!!


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