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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

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By Aussiegirl

I have much personal business to attend to today and hope to post some more analysis and news on the Ukrainian situation later today.

In the meantime you can't do better than to check these sites for the latest information if you are following this story:


This site has the latest news and analysis from Ukraine and around the world. For the duration of the crisis they have made all the articles on their site free to all visitors.


A blog from the heart of Kyiv and the demonstrations, with lots of wonderful news, photos, analysis, historical background, political analysis, personal stories and links to other blogs reporting right from the heart of the demonstrations.

The revolution is being blogged in real time!!! Don't miss this historical unfolding of events. These events in a country which seems remote from Americans and which is so unfamiliar, will nevertheless play an important role in the future of not only Europe, but the world.

Freedom and democracy are on the march. Be a part of the Orange Revolution!!

More later...


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