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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Catching up

By Aussiegirl

Having temporarily and hopefully permanently solved some problem that prevented me from accessing the blog, I'll just post a few catch ups to get back in the swing of things before the Thanksgiving holiday.

President Bush's approval rating is up to 55% in the post-election period. I guess John Kerry and the democrats haven't heard that, as they are still droning on in their pre-election badmouthing of the President.

So, what's going on? Maybe it's George Soros having gone back to wherever it was he came from, and Moveon.org moving on -- or maybe we are all just so relieved not to have to face any more debates and endless punditry about how Kerry won the debates.

Or maybe it's the big dust-up in Chile when the President rescued his own Secret Service man and then smartly adjusted his shirt cuffs and went back to bidness.

Or maybe it's the fact that he is appointing all his yes men and women to all those sensitive jobs like Department of State and creating umbrage in all the highest reaches of the bureaucracies. Maybe the American people actually see that he intends to DO what he promised to do and they like that. Hey -- whaddya know? -- the guy's actually doing what he said he'd do. And he's cleaning house. How'dja like that, Mildred?

Or maybe it's the fact that the military is making great strides in Fallujah and other places in Iraq, and it appears that a more muscular policy is in place to ensure a free election in Iraq in January.

Onwards and upwards. Americans are sick of all the whining and carping and complaining. We want to get things done. This has always been a can-do kind of country, and this is a can-do kind of President.

And he hasn't even been inaugurated yet. That's what we like to see. No pomp and circumstance, no waiting on the niceties, just roll up the sleeves and get the job done cowboy style. The world and blue America are just going to have to get used to it. This cowboy is going to leave his bootprints on history and he doesn't care who he offends in town in order to do it.


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