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Monday, November 08, 2004

Are they through yet?

By Aussiegirl

Well, here it is almost a week after the election, and the whining still hasn't ceased. In addition to being elitist bullies, the media and leftist coasts of this country have shown themselves to be poor losers and whiners as well as clueless. What a classy combination.

Personally, I'm more pleased than ever to find myself in complete disagreement with these people. Keep it up guys, you are really persuading lots of undecided voters to permanently align themselves with a party of reason and maturity.

Just continue to delude yourselves with visions of your unattainable superiority and how the masses are now demonstrably unteachable, as Jane Smiley famously opined in an infamous article on Slate magazine.

The plain fact is that the democrats have defined themselves down to a smaller and smaller coalition of out of touch minorities. They include the usual suspects of extremists on the subjects of the feminist and homosexual agendas, the extremes of the abortion spectrum, the environment, civil rights, national security and on and on. When you increasingly identify yourself with fringe ideas that only have coinage in Old Europe and parts of the fanatic Middle East you can't be surprised when you lose most of middle America.

It's too easy for them to sieze on the "morals" issue and the perceived power of the evangelical Christians as the excuse for losing so badly. The real truth is that the Republican party is now the majority party, which embraces a wide spectrum of views, people from a variety of income, education and religious backgrounds. I'm listening to Laura Ingraham's show and a caller just wanted to tell the democrats what a typical Bush voter was. He is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University with a doctorate, a Jew and a moderate on social issues. Reagan's big tent Republican party is now a reality, and George Bush and Karl Rove have been patiently building a "new" Republican majority for years, patiently and steadily.
The Republican party is now supported by more Hispanics, Asians, blacks, Jews, women, blue-collar and educated people than ever before. It is supported by an increasing number of Catholics who are abandoning their traditional alignment with the democrat party over the issues of gay marriage and abortion. It is also supported by a large margin of voters who are former democrats and are moderate on social issues. And the hateful screeds emanating from the losing side only serve to underscore to normal people that the party of their parents and their youth has lost its collective mind and way and it's time to find a new home.

What unites these people? A variety of issues, obviously, but chief among them now is obviously national security. Domestic politics are a luxury that a free nation can engage in when it is at peace and free from attack and siege. The voter who has his eyes open sees that the international threat posed by Islamic fanatical fundamentalism is something that has to be addressed in a visionary way -- not on a piecemeal basis as a criminal matter.

And I do believe that George Bush's vision of "compassionate conservatism" has power to unite a wide variety of people under a common umbrella of shared values. We will wait for the new administration to unfold and for the Inaugural Address to see what agenda Bush has laid out for his second term. Certainly border and immigration issues must be addressed. And probably the most important domestic issue has to be judicial appointments. With several vacancies looming on the Supreme Court, this administration is set to influence public policy and outlook for a generation and more with its appointments.

And that brings us to Arlen Specter -- the spectre that is haunting this vital job.
Arlen Specter has shown that he is NOT the man to see President Bush's judicial nominees through the process of confirmation. The Republican party has shown itself in the past to be unafraid of reshuffling its ranks and breaking with protocol when necessary. Trent Lott was removed from the Majority Leader position when his unfortunate remarks created too much controversy. As always, the goals of the President and his agenda trump all individual prerogatives and Senatorial niceties. Specter obviously has an axe to grind and has gracelessly laid down an ultimatum to a newly elected president. He's obviously not on the team and too big for his britches. He's got to go.

And that's the way it is. I have to just shake my head in baffled amusement at the gnashing and wailing of teeth on the other side, the ludicrous talk of secession, etc. etc. etc. We have a country to run, I just don't want to bother with these people any more -- they annoy me and are beyond reaching.

The democrats and their media elites tried to win this through fraud and deception, because they knew they couldn't appeal on the basis of their true beliefs. Their conviction of the absolute rightness of their moral position frees them to engage
in any underhanded methods to achieve their power, because of the absolute certainty that they know best. They are not true "democrats" any more. They have become true elitists and have a mindset of fanatical ideologues to whom the end justifies any means.

These are the sorts of people and the kind of mindset that in other times and places led an elite that was convinced of the rightness of its cause to abandon democracy and the wisdom of the majority and to institute Marxist dictatorships and Fascistic government where the ELITE dictate to the masses what is and isn't right. They have lost the ability to lead by persuasion. What is left to them now? Secession? Or conversion by the sword?

No wonder they feel an underlying sympathy with the Islamofascists -- they have the same sense of religious messiannic zealotry that has driven all the usual suspects throughout history -- the religious ones, the political ones, the military ones.

Power to the people is obviously just an empty phrase to these ideologues. They despise the people.

Take a good look, America. You just dodged a very dangerous bullet. We are only beginning the fight to preserve our freedom.


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