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Saturday, November 06, 2004


We get letters -- and some are better than others -- BonnieBlueFlag shares her thoughts on elections past, present and future.

By BonnieBlueFlag

I couldn't be happier about the out come of the election. And I think we all feel so wrung out, because we did work very hard for this election. Even if many of us were unable to go out and go door to door, we spent hours at our keyboards, in an effort to alert everyone we knew about the many things that were not being reported by the traditional media.

Even if none of us actually broke a story, we sure had a hand in spreading the news and the information. We helped get out the story of the Vets. We made many contributions by way of money and support that would not have been possible in years past.

Aussiegirl's earlier comparison of the Internet and the Blogs to Thomas Paine and the "Common Sense" pamphlet that he distributed in early America was right on point. And I feel proud to have been even a small part of the Revolution of 2004.
Great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather and his brothers fought in the Revolution of 1776, and I know that they would be proud that "we" did not let our country fall to the whims and desires of France, Germany and especially England.

President Bush will hopefully be able to make enough changes to the courts and to our economy so that even if a Democrat wins in 2008, we will be able to survive it for a few years. This election was so important, because Clinton had run the country into the ground and made us so vulnerable to attack and to the rest of the world's crazy socialist notions.

So many people talk about how wonderful everything was while Clinton was president, but his entire 8 years were the fruits of the previous 12 years of Reagan and Bush 41. Instead of building on what he was handed by them, he squandered it all for his own personal gain.

And Kerry was champing at the bit to make his own fortune off the backs of the Americans just like Clinton did. It would have been his big opportunity to become wealthy on his own, so he would no longer be beholden to Teresa and her dead husband's money.

Hopefully, we can keep Hollywood out of Washington, DC. I don't want the attitudes and mores of the Hollywood liberals tainting what I want done by my elected officials in DC!

Of course we must stay ever alert! We have to try and keep Arlen Specter from chairing the Judiciary Committee. His most recent comments about blocking the President's nominees is not the first time he has made such statements. I have thought he was a dangerous man and a RINO for a very long time.

I'm quite sure that there is a story about Specter walking around the Senate (I think), with a trail of toilet tissue hanging out of his trousers and no one wanted to tell him. So he isn't very well respected in his own circles either.

I got e-mails off to Missouri Senators Bond and Talent, and to Senator Frist of Tennessee, regarding Arlen Specter, and I know the Senate phone lines have been jammed with calls regarding same. So the work of the Bloggers must continue.

And if indeed Hillary plans to run in 2008, she has already begun to lay the groundwork to steal the election, because she knows that she cannot win it fairly. She will easily be the standard bearer for the Hollywood and media elite.


At 4:22 PM, Blogger Aussiegirl said...

Well said, BonnieB. -- yes this was just one battle in the ongoing struggle to maintain our republic.


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