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Saturday, November 06, 2004

How the Swifties sank Kerry's Boat

Don't miss John B. Dwyer's article in The American Thinker wrapping up the Swiftboat story and where these brave guys are going from here. In his summation of the Swiftees campaign and their latest valiant battle for America's honor Dwyer lays out all the facts in a clear and salient way.

I am delighted to see that the Swifties are not disbanding. This festering wound that is the lie perpetuated by the leftist media since the Vietnam days needs to be completely exposed to the air. These people like Kerry and his ilk continue to live to this day on the lie of their youth -- that they helped stop an illegal and immoral war that America was losing. And in the process they defamed and slandered thousands of America's finest fighting men and enabled the communists to slaughter millions in the wake of America's retreat.

And Kerry did it again during this campaign, labeling all these honorable men as liars, frauds and cheats with the help of a complicit media, made up of his cohorts and co-protestors of those misbegotten years.

We cannot learn from history unless it is accurately portrayed and understood. This is even bigger than Kerry -- although he is the embodiment of that entire traitorous gang, that then went on to entrench themselves in power in the media, academia and politics.

How the Swifties helped sink Kerry
November 6th, 2004

In the aftermath of this historic election we ought to examine the important role the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth played in defeating John Kerry; how and why they sank his campaign yacht.

John Kerry had made his Vietnam service as a Swiftboat commander the centerpiece of his presidential campaign.� The men who knew him best could not and would not allow his lies and distortions about that service to go unchallenged.� Appearing at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. on May 4, 2004, retired Rear Adm. Roy Hoffman announced the formation of the Swiftboat Veterans For Truth.� The officer who commanded these men in Vietnam now led them again in a new mission: "to counter the false war crimes charges that Kerry repeatedly made against Vietnam veterans who served in our units and elsewhere, and to accurately portray Kerry's brief tour as a junior grade lieutenant."� The Swifties also called for the release of all of Kerry's military and medical records.� The now-famous letter, declaring their mission statement, was released at the same time, carrying 260 signatures.



At 10:38 PM, Blogger BonnieBlueFlag said...

I sincerely hope that the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth complete their mission with the total revelation of John Kerry's military records.

There is already talk of Kerry making a second attempt to run for the presidency, and the Vets should put a stop to him now while they are organized and financed. Waiting until a later date could prove to be a serious mistake.


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