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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

The real John Ashcroft

By BonnieBlueFlag

Allow me to take you back to the Missouri State US Senate election of November, 2000.� After opponent Mel Carnahan died in a plane crash, out of respect to the family, Sen. John Ashcroft stopped campaigning.

On election night, judges in St. Louis and Kansas City were mysteriously prepared to keep the polls open until 10 PM, an additional 3 hours of voting in known Democratic areas of the state.� Phones were ringing all over St. Louis City telling people to go to the polls well after the 7 PM closing time.

When John Ashcroft lost the election to a dead man, the Democrats were elated.� He could have easily contested the way the election was handled, and the appointment of Mrs. Jean Carnahan to fill her husband's seat in the Senate.� However, being the good man and the gentleman that he is, he refused to be confrontational with the widow of his opponent.

A short time later John Ashcroft's fans and supporters got the last laugh though, when it was announced that he had been chosen by President Bush for the office of the US Attorney General.

How did Jean Carnahan repay John Ashcroft for his kindness and deference to her?� Under the tutelage of Tom Daschle and Hillary Clinton, Mrs. Carnahan refused to be supportive of the nomination of this man from her home state.� She introduced him to the Senate, and then proceeded not to recommend him for the position.

I was very proud of John Ashcroft as our Attorney General, and I was confident from the beginning that he would do a wonderful job.

Almost from the start he was criticized by the Washington insiders for bringing his God to work with him.� Like the President, Ashcroft sought support and guidance in his faith.

I sincerely believe that the God of our founding fathers brought men like GW Bush and Ashcroft together, to shepherd our country through one of the most trying times of our history.

I also believe that it is largely due to the efforts of Attorney General Ashcroft that we have not experienced another terrorist attack like that of 9/11.
The Democrats and Liberals are very glad to see him resign, but they should be careful what they wish for, because the next Attorney General may not be as dedicated to their safety as Attorney General John Ashcroft was.


At 7:25 PM, Blogger Timothy Birdnow said...


I live in St. Louis and saw what happened to Ashcroft first hand. He was ahead in the polls and would clearly have won had Mel Carnahan not died. Ashcroft, in true gentleman fashion, suspended his campaigning. The Democrats were desperate to win and Gov. Holden said he would appoint the Widow Carnahan (no one cared about her grief, only their political fortunes.)

I had never witnessed anything like the election of 2000. There was voter fraud on a titanic scale in St. Louis with Democrats driving buses from polling place to polling place to cast multiple ballots. Ashcroft lost, Jim Talent lost the Governorship, etc. not because they were beaten but because they were robbed. It was the most shameful thing I have ever witnessed.

The Democrats already hated Ashcroft, but the election of 2000 metastasized the hatred. Bush`s appointment of this good and peaceful man set them on fire. That he proved to be a very effective and meaningful AG made it that much worse.

John Ashcroft, we`ll all miss you!


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