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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Ms. Dowdy in livid technicolor

By BonnieBlueFlag

My Hero, Zell Miller

Sen. Zell Miller has finally said what many of us have been thinking for a long time regarding Maureen Dowd. This morning on the Imus program, he called her a" high brow hussy from New York City!"

No doubt about it, Sen. Miller is a real jewel, who has no problem calling them as he sees them.

On the Sunday Chis Matthews show, Ms. Dowd suddenly remarked that, "The Rapture is coming and you and I are going up, but all these hypocritical conservatives, who want to tell everyone what to do are not."

It is not the conservatives of this country who want to tell every one what to do. We were perfectly happy with a country founded on Christian values and laws based on the Ten Commandments. It is the liberals, who are insisting on telling us how we must change our lives to accommodate their immoral actions and desires.

Does Ms. Dowd truly believe that the path to eternal life and happiness winds through the abortion clinics, the courts that remove "God" from every aspect of our lives, or the neighborhood movie theaters featuring and encouraging the commission of every offense known to God?

I am not here to judge anyone else, certainly not Ms. Dowd, but I do regret that she would champion those who would lead others away from God.

Sen. Miller using his considerable powers of perception went on to say, "You can just see the horns sprouting up through that Technicolor hair." I will be eagerly awaiting Maureen Dowd's next TV appearance, to see if I too can actually sees those horns peeking through her Technicolor hair.



At 1:04 AM, Blogger Bradley said...

Now that would be a fun war to watch, I hope there's more to come.


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