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Thursday, November 18, 2004

I'm a compassionate conservative today

By Aussiegirl

I'm watching the opening of the Clinton Library. I'm feeling compassionate. It's pouring down rain on Bill Clinton's last day in the sun. It's fitting somehow. Bill Clinton looks wan, thin, tired, pale and strangely disengaged. Perhaps depressed. I can only imagine how he looked forward to this day. How he envisioned it. It certainly wasn't on a cold day with a heavy steady rain drenching all the participants, the audience a sea of umbrellas and colorful pixie ponchos in bright colors of pink, blue and green. And he certainly didn't imagine being in ill health, tired and unable to hold forth with vigor and optimism for one last golden hour in the limelight.

It's fitting that Bill Clinton's Arkansas accent causes him to pronounce library -- "lie-bury". It's a perfect ending to a sorry period in our history, when America lived through a holiday from history as terrorist enemies gathered and strengthened.

President Bush 41 delivered himself of a charming, humorous and generous tribute, while George W. Bush spoke eloquently and graciously of Bill Clinton's childhood and career.

Hillary abbreviated her remarks because everyone was completely miserable and drenched by that point. But she made a curious statement that had an ominous ring. A Freudian slip? She stated that the stage represented the past, present and FUTURE of American politics. I saw the past, I saw the present -- but -- WHO could she possibly have had in mind for the future? Hmmmm?

And Bill Clinton? Well, if we waited for him to finally deliver himself of one final gracious, eloquent or memorable speech he failed miserably. We heard all the tired phrases -- "I worked so hard..." -- praised himself, criticized the President in his typically sly way. I think he hasn't spent enough time looking at trees lately. He's still just the same old Bill.

I'll refrain from all the tempting double-entendres about Monica and the blue dress and missing Rose law firm records. Let this day and the pouring rain and the trailer park museum stand as an edifice to a life misspent on ambitious self-aggrandizement and the seeking of power for power's sake and for personal prestige and enrichment and self-gratification. Let it stand as a monument to human hubris and failure of conscience and lack of will. It was a fitting ceremony. In the miserable cold and pouring rain.


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