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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

The American Thinker produces a lot of "Hot Air"

By Aussiegirl

Just mosey on over to The American Thinker and check out the great article by Timothy Birdnow entitled "Hot Air" -- one of the best summaries I've read of the real science which completely debunks the globaloney behind the Kyoto treaty and the entire global warming myth. http://americanthinker.com/articles.php?article_id=4115

Tim includes some fascinating bits of information I have not run across anywhere else, including the fascinating news that while sea temperatures have been rising based on careful measurements done by fishermen, satellite measurements of the atmosphere over the oceans shows no such rise. The answer seems to lie in the sun. And to those of us who actually try to read some science, it will come as no surprise that the sun has a great deal to do with our climate. If global warming was happening as a result of CO2 emissions, then the atmosphere would be warming. The fact that the oceans store the solar energy output of the sun seems to point to a solar sunspot cycle as the culprit in the recent neglible rise. He also makes some good points about how solar flares lead to the ozone holes that we have been seeing. So -- start spraying your hair again with those terrible cans with the propellant -- the ozone hole isn't your fault. And all that money wasted on banning CFC's was a total crock.

The news about the ocean temperatures also leads me to suspect that this may explain the recent increase in the numbers of El Ninos and also the changes that scientists have been noticing in the North Atlantic Oscillation, both of which have profound impacts on our weather.

And as for Global Warming -- subzero weather in the Midwest -- and 18" of snow expected in the Ohio Valley. The prospect of a bit of warming sure looks good right now. Santa's sleigh might need a lot of antifreeze to get even Rudolph's nose to light up.

And a merry tip of the Christmas Santa hat to Tim for generously posting my "Religion and Democracy" article on his own blogsite called Birdblog, along with some kind comments and a link. Check out Tim's site for some wonderful writing, and links to his other excellent articles already published in the American Thinker. http://tbirdblog.blogspot.com/

He's one of the best thinkers around -- armed with facts, history, science and good writing -- you can't get any better than that. We'll all be able to say "We knew him when" one day -- mark my words.


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