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Friday, December 17, 2004

The poison in the chalice was pure dioxin

By Aussiegirl

Well, bad sushi seems to have morphed into the most purified form of dioxin known to mankind, available only from three possible sources, either a WMD lab, a lab doing pure research work, or a very clever chemist, according to the following AP article appearing in today's Las Vegas Sun.

Hmmmm -- do you suppose it was accidental? Or on purpose. And WHO do you think might be behind such a dastardly deed?

And you thought politics was a boring subject.

Read the article at: www.lasvegassun.com/sunbin/stories/tech/2004/dec/17/121709948.html

Ukrainian opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko was poisoned by TCDD, the most harmful known form of dioxin, the scientist who conducted tests on the presidential candidate's blood said Friday. . .

. . .However, the tests conducted by Brouwer at BioDetection Systems in Amsterdam found Yushchenko was poisoned with pure TCDD, not a mixture. . .

. . .Yushchenko, who faces Kremlin-backed Viktor Yanukovych in a repeat presidential election on Dec. 26, fell ill after having dinner with Ukrainian Security Service chief Ihor Smeshko and his deputy Volodymyr Satsyuk on Sept. 5.

Yushchenko reported having a headache about three hours after the dinner, and by the next day had developed an acute stomach ache. He later developed pancreatitis and gastrointestinal pain, as well as a severe backache.

About three weeks after his first symptoms, Yushchenko developed severe facial disfiguring which is the hallmark of dioxin poisoning.

Yushchenko told the AP on Thursday that he is convinced he was poisoned at the Sept. 5 dinner.

"It was a project of political murder, prepared by the authorities," Yushchenko said.


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