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Thursday, January 13, 2005

BonnieBlueFlag lays a few things out about Dan

Written by BonnieBlueFlag

Just exactly how many times in the past did Dan Rather step before the CBS camera, confident in the knowledge that even though the news story he was about to deliver was based on inaccuracies, the American public would take his word as gospel?

Imagine the shock to his system and his pride when in a matter of hours, the Bloggers had spread the word and the evidence, that his attempt to take down President Bush had blown up in his face.

Instead of being the man to make a President (Kerry), he was now a laughing stock.� Instead of calling the shots at CBS as was his custom, he was being told to take early retirement.

The man who had previously thwarted the careers of others who might move to replace him, the man who had come to believe it was his right to destroy the lives and reputations of others, had finally stepped
over the little people once to often.

To him and his cronies like Jennings and Brokaw, the Bloggers were just the "Rabble with Computers."� Minions to be scoffed at and ignored, while they congratulated themselves on being able to form the opinions of the general public.� Presidents come and go, but they had the real power, and they would have it until such time as they chose to let go of the reigns.

No matter what face Dan Rather shows the public, no matter what he says publicly, at night in the dark alone with his thoughts, he alternates between feelings of blind rage and total disbelief.� Rage that he directs at those who refuse to accept as fact, his assertion to the truth of his story about Bush and the Texas National Guard.� Anger and disbelief at being shown to be a charlatan by those who are so much less important than he.� Those people in pajamas, while he has worn the finest clothes and been presented to heads of state all over the world.

Then there is the embarrassment in his home state of Texas, where his vendetta against the Bush family is well known.� Even years from now, when both he and GW are out of the limelight of Washington, mutual friends and acquaintances will remember and whisper behind his back.� Instead of being a prince and an advisor to the Texas Democrats, he will be looked upon as a symbol of the liberals who are willing to lie and cheat to steal an election.

At this point in time it may appear that Dan Rather has escaped the repercussions of Memogate, but his long deserved just desserts will be served to him time and time again for many years to come.� There will be fewer dinner invitations, fewer requests for him as a guest speaker, he will be reduced to doing and saying outrageous things like Al Gore, in order to get some of the attention his ego will require.

On January 20th as President George W. Bush is inaugurated for a second term, Dan Rather will be reminded how ineffectual he has become.� And, if he is honest with himself for even a moment he will realize that by trying to ruin President Bush's life, career and reputation, he destroyed his own life, career and reputation.



At 5:02 PM, Blogger Aussiegirl said...

BonnieB -- that was a wonderful reminder of the old adage -- what goes around comes around -- and something about just deserts. You are right, just as Bubba will always be remembered for the blue dress -- Dan will always be remembered for the phony documents.

At 5:57 PM, Blogger Pindar said...

BonnieBlueFlag, you've produced a wonderful essay on Dan Rather, the man and the career, which I fervently hope he reads, because the way you have brilliantly dissected him and laid the pieces out for everyone to sneer and mock at, can only make his dark nights of the soul even more painful to endure. How satisfying his fall from grace, what a blow to his enormous ego and sense of self-importance---not to mention perhaps not getting that favorite table at that snotty restaurant any more. Your final sentence sums it all up, how in trying to ruin GW he wound up ruining himself!


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