Ultima Thule

In ancient times the northernmost region of the habitable world - hence, any distant, unknown or mysterious land.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

A brief biographical sketch

Here's an excellent synopsis of Viktor Yushchenko's background from Radio Liberty:

Viktor Yushchenko is a former prime minister of Ukraine. He is a member of the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada (parliament) and head of the Our Ukraine parliamentary caucus. Yushchenko graduated from the Ternopil Finance and Economics Institute in 1975 and is a candidate for a science degree in economics. He is a laureate of the Ukraine State Science and Technology Prize. Since 1976, Yushchenko has worked in the banking system. In 1985, he was appointed deputy director, and later director, of the Ukrainian Republican Bureau of the USSR State Bank. From 1993-99, he was governor of the National Bank of Ukraine. In 1997, Yushchenko was rated among the world's top six central bankers by "Global Finance" magazine. From 1999-2001, Yushchenko served as prime minister of Ukraine. In 2001-02, he formed and headed the Our Ukraine election coalition.


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