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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Yushchenko meets with Gates

By Aussiegirl

With his background as a banker and economist, and with his Ukrainian-American wife, Yushchenko understands what Ukraine needs to emerge as a thriving economy. He met with Bill Gates recently, at the World Economic Conference in Davos, Switzerland.

It's true that the population of Ukraine is highly educated, with many people possessing advanced technical degrees and skills. What is needed is foreign investment that can have the force of contract law behind it and the assurances of a safe (and oligarch and mafia free) environment in order to spur the economy and get it moving again. Looks like Yushchenko knows who to talk to when it comes to questions like this. Here's the
article from Interfax:

Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko discussed the investment climate in Ukraine with Microsoft CEO Bill Gates at a meeting in Davos on Friday, Yushchenko's press service reported.
Yushchenko said that investors will soon feel the changes that have occurred in Ukraine.

Gates, for his part, noted the high intellectual potential of Ukrainians and called for investments in Ukraine. He said his company is ready to expand its office in Ukraine and support Ukrainian educational programs.


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