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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Henry Kissinger, international man of mystery

BonnieBlueFlag is in a thoughtful mood this morning, and sends the following via email:

Henry Kissinger, former US Secretary of State

Now there is a man with so many dimensions. Initially, under Nixon, I never knew quite what to make of him.
First of all my ear was not accustomed to his accent, so I had difficulty understanding what he was saying. Of course 8 second sound bites were not conducive to being able to learn to understand him either.

This man, who was a type foreign to me, was not handsome and yet he was dating all of the most beautiful women that Hollywood had to offer. I think this was my first encounter with the notion that "power" was very alluring to many women.

Much later . . . when it came to light that he had been on his knees with Nixon in the Oval office, praying over the mater of Watergate, I was bewildered by this man.
Then after dating all of those actresses and models, he married Nancy Maginnes, someone not beautiful, but more his intellectual equal. It was such a shock to all the celebrity gossip mongers. Obviously, he was unique among men, he wasn't interested in acquiring a trophy wife.

Over the years I have learned to understand him, and perhaps his accent is not as thick as it was 35 years ago. Today, I just love the guy. I always stop everything that I am doing to listen, whenever he is on radio or TV. I especially enjoy him on the Fox and Friends morning show. He is really relaxed with Steve, E.D. and Brian, and that is when he is the most open. It's like sitting next to him at a dinner party, and he is letting you in on little secrets.

This morning he was on F&F, just as I was waking up. I was enjoying listening to him, when he ever so casually gave me serious chills. I'm paraphrasing . . . But, he said that Condi Rice was coming into her job as the Secretary of State at one of the most important times in history. He knows of no other time in history when there was so much change going on, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. In fact he feels that this is the most momentous time ever in all of the "history of man."

We are living in what Henry Kissinger calls the most momentous time in the total history of mankind. An awesome thought at first, and then the realization that it is also an awesome responsibility.

Some of us have felt that we were approaching a cross roads of some kind, that something was on our horizon, but just out of sight. Something life altering, be it simply "good or evil" it is hard to say.

You and I and all of the other Lucianne types, along with the Bloggers, etc., must be ever on guard. If indeed this is the most important moment in the history of man, current events and the reporting of them by a bias media must be carefully scrutinized by the same people who exposed Dan Rather. If it were not for the Internet and the Bloggers, John Kerry could have easily been our president, the man to guide the US through the maze that awaits us.

We are all feeling a little low with the election behind us, etc. We were all in a "Fight or Flight" mode, and now we are coming down from an adrenaline rush. However, the Democrats like Kennedy and Boxer are in the mood for revenge at any cost, and if we let up for a moment Hillary Clinton or even John Kerry could be our next president.

In a thoughtful frame of mind this morning . . .



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