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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Ukraine update

By Aussiegirl

Well, friends, here we are about to inaugurate our own American president -- and what's happening in Ukraine, which also recently elected a new president?

Funny you should ask. Following in the game-plan of Kerry, Dean, et al. -- Yanukovych has launched endless and baseless appeals, all of which have been summarily rejected by both the Supreme Court and the Election Commission.

However, he just keeps plugging away. And in a loophole of Ukrainian election law, as long as there are appeals and complaints to consider, the inauguration of the president cannot take place. So we still don't know when this will take place.

His appeals have mostly taken the form of claiming that MILLIONS of disabled people were "disenfranchised" -- hmmm -- where have we heard that word before? The problem is that most of the complaints have turned out to be forged, and repeated complaints from different districts have turned out to be not only forged, but duplicate copies of the ones that purportedly came from earlier appeals.

Even Ukraine's version of AARP has rejected his claims and states that fewer than 1% of the disabled had been unable to vote.

Of course we know the reason behind these delays. All the guilty parties in the old administration need time to strip their ill-gotten billions from the country and to secure their escape, and all the bodies must be buried, and all the evidence of the crimes of the previous administration must be destroyed.

All this takes time -- so Yanukovych is staging these ludicrous protests to give them time to flush the evidence down the toilet before the police are allowed in the door.

"You can come in now!"


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