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Friday, January 14, 2005

Little green men are already here?

By Aussiegirl

Now this really caught my eye today. Scientists are saying that it is highly likely that intelligent life is already visiting earth and that reports of UFO's should not be readily and summarily dismissed.

Now, before you start humming the Twilight Zone theme and slowly backing out the door -- just hold it there for a moment.

Although I have never personally witnessed a UFO, I have read some of the literature and I must say, some reports are intriguing enough not to be dismissed out of hand, particularly the sightings of strange objects above Rendelsham Forest in England by credible American military witnesses.

I also have a friend, who is the most calm, sane, down-to-earth and skeptical person I know, who reads heavily in the sciences and is not given at all to flights of fancy or suggestion. Yet he very calmly has related to me that he has had a daylight sighting of what he can only describe as a classic flying saucer. It was the classic shape, with a dome in the middle and flashing and rotating red and green lights around the middle. He was a college student at the time and was in a large field practicing archery for a class he was taking. He watched it for several minutes and then looked around to see if there was anyone else about who was also seeing it. When he looked back the object was gone. He was so puzzled that he searched the newspapers in vain to see if it had been reported by anyone else. He never learned anything else. But he has also never forgotten the experience. He describes his feelings as ones of amazement and puzzlement. He hasn't engaged in any obsession with UFO's, or pursued it in any way. It is simply something that he is absolutely certain he saw, and that is that. He also says that he hadn't read anything in the papers prior to that that would have put him in a frame of mind to be looking for something so extraordinary. He is absolutely certain that he was not looking at a plane, or any other object he was familiar with.

Although most sightings of UFO's can be readily explained by natural phenomena, there is nevertheless, a small portion of sightings with multiple witnesses that defies natural explanation. I'm open to all possibilities.

I just hope they are friendly, and don't bring us a book entitled: "To Serve Man".

Here's an interesting and informative site on credible UFO sightings with quotes from famous scientists on the phenomena, as well as detailed descriptions of the Rendelsham Forest sightings as well as the Hudson Valley sightings.


Read the whole article at:


ET Visitors: Scientists See High Likelihood
By Leonard David
Senior Space Writer
posted: 14 January 2005
06:47 am ET

Decades ago, it was physicist Enrico Fermi who pondered the issue of extraterrestrial civilizations with fellow theorists over lunch, generating the famous quip: "Where are they?" That question later became central to debates about the cosmological census count of other star folk and possible extraterrestrial (ET) visitors from afar.

Fermi's brooding on the topic was later labeled "Fermi's paradox". It is a well-traveled tale from the 1950's when the scientist broached the subject in discussions with colleagues in Los Alamos, New Mexico. Thoughts regarding the probability of earthlike planets, the rise of highly advanced civilizations "out there", and interstellar travel -- these remain fodder for trying to respond to Fermi's paradox even today.

Now a team of American scientists note that recent astrophysical discoveries suggest that we should find ourselves in the midst of one or more extraterrestrial civilizations. Moreover, they argue it is a mistake to reject all UFO reports since some evidence for the theoretically-predicted extraterrestrial visitors might just be found there.

The researchers make their proposal in the January/February 2005 issue of the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society (JBIS).

Curious situation
Pick up any good science magazine and you're sure to see the latest in head-scratching ideas about superstring theory, wormholes, or the stretching of spacetime itself. Meanwhile, extrasolar planetary detection is on the verge of becoming mundane.

"We are in the curious situation today that our best modern physics and astrophysics theories predict that we should be experiencing extraterrestrial visitation, yet any possible evidence of such lurking in the UFO phenomenon is scoffed at within our scientific community," contends astrophysicist Bernard Haisch.

Haisch along with physicists James Deardorff, Bruce Maccabee and Harold Puthoff make their case in the JBIS article: "Inflation-Theory Implications for Extraterrestrial Visitation".


At 7:51 PM, Blogger Timothy Birdnow said...

Hi Aussiegirl!

This is a very unusual and interesting piece. For what it`s worth, let me throw my two cents in on the subject.

Extraterrestrials and UFO`s have been the great speculation of modernity, and has led people scrambling for a materialistic explaination. I am mindful of the warning in the Bible that Satan would come with signs and lying wonders. I think it no coincidence that the largest number of UFO sightings have been in some very bad places; the old Soviet Union was lousy with them,as has been communist China. Recently, Iran experienced a major event. Remember the Heavens Gate cult? I have great trepidation when I hear about signs and wonders in the heavens.

Not that people aren`t seeing these things, nor that someone who does see a UFO is a bad person. (My father and brother saw one, once.) I just think that modern man has substituted aliens for God, and that Satan uses this new god for his own ends.

The Fermi paradox is far more damning that most people realize; we find NO evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence at all. Either it is VERY far away, or is hiding from us completely. This last alternative is unlikely, since we should find civilizations in all different levels of developement. We should pick up the alien equivelent of MTV! That we find no artifacts, catch no transmissions, come across no alien Big Mac boxes suggests the former possibility. WHERE ARE THEY? I just don`t think we have any around.

The Heavens Gate cult worshipped the extraterrestrials, and committed suicide to join them. Science and pseudoscience have become the modern idols. I can`t help but worry that the ``signs and lying wonders`` aren`t hovering over our skies.


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