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Friday, January 14, 2005

Students fight back

By Aussiegirl

If you read nothing else today, don't miss this wonderful (and long) editorial in todays WSJ, detailing not only the abominable domination of our campuses by left-wing idiots, BUT also the predictable, though long-in-coming backlash from conservative students. At last, students are doing what they have always done, bucking the establishment and rebelling, only this time the establishment is made up of left-wing agitprop, post-modernist, feminist, racially obsessed, America hating, Western Civ loathing, sandal clad, bearded and -- have I missed anything? -- professors and administrators.

There's nothing a young person hates more than being forced to conform -- as we all well remember, and what better way to fight back than to resist the PC nonsense and brainwashing propaganda of college courses and take it right back to the professors with an abundance of wit and pluck and courage.

I vividly remember my own experience with this same phenomenon when as a freshman in a college English class I received an "F" on an otherwise excellently written and argued essay on why we were right to get involved with the Vietnam war and fight it to a successful conclusion. Imagine my shock when it was the SUBSTANCE of my argument (which was, of course, flawless -- ahem), and my point of view which brought the failing grade, and not my lack of logic, facts, and cogent presentation. I naturally refused to rewrite the essay to state the opposite of what I believed. Thus began a lifetime career in fighting back and refusing to knuckle under to these noodniks of PC.

Now I see that a whole new generation of refuseniks has grown up and is fighting the same fight. The young always rebel against the old, and now the old -- who used to be the rebels -- ARE the establishment. DOWN WITH THE RULING CLASSES! The only true revolutionary anymore is a conservative.

Read the entire article at:

Here are the opening paragraphs:

Right on Campus
Conservatives begin to infiltrate the left's last redoubt.

Friday, January 14, 2005 12:01 a.m.

Throughout 2003 and into 2004, a surge of protests roiled American campuses. You probably think the kids were agitating against war in Iraq, right? Well, no. Students at UCLA, Michigan and many other schools were sponsoring bake sales to protest�.�.�. affirmative action. For white students and faculty, a cookie cost (depending on the school) $1; blacks and Hispanics could buy one for a lot less.
The principle, the protesters observed, was just that governing university admission practices: rewarding people differently based on race. Indignant school officials charged the bake-sale organizers with "creating a hostile climate" for minority students, oblivious to the incoherence of their position. On what grounds could they favor race preferences in one area (admissions) and condemn them in the other (selling cookies) as racist? Several schools banned the sales, on flimsy pretexts, such as the organizers' lack of school food permits.

The protests shocked the mainstream press, but to close observers of America's college scene lately they came as no surprise. For decades, conservative critics have bemoaned academe's monolithically liberal culture. Parents, critics note, spend fortunes to send their kids to top colleges, and then watch helplessly as the schools cram them with a diet of politically correct leftism often wholly opposed to mom and dad's own values.

But the left's long dominion over the university--the last place on earth that lefty power would break up, conservatives believed--is showing its first signs of weakening. The change isn't coming from the schools' faculty lounges and administrative offices, of course. It's coming from self-organizing right-of-center students and several innovative outside groups working to bypass the academy's elite gatekeepers.


At 8:42 PM, Blogger BonnieBlueFlag said...

Well, Aussiegirl, now you have gone and done it! You went and pushed my button that says, "Academic Cult!" (It's a very large button!)

You raise a child to know right from wrong, you sit up nights when they are sick, you fight to see that homework is completed every evening, you teach them a million things, and some of those lessons where harder on you than on the child.

Then you send your child away to college along with a tidy sum of money from your savings. You continue to worry about their safety and their grades. But, you know this is something that has to be done, in order to assure that your child will have a fighting chance in the real world.

A couple of years into this process, you discover that the bright child who seemed to be on the right path before entering college, is now someone who thinks that your conservative views are radical right wing opinions.

The child that you used to be able to talk to about so many subjects, has been reprogrammed to think in ways that are completely foreign to you.

In the end you discover that you paid your hard earned cash to an institution full of liberal academics to alienate your child from you.

Rush Limbaugh is right when he says that had he gone to college, he would not be the person he is today. And, just yesterday, it was discussed on L.com that one of our favorites, Mark Stein, did not go to college.

If I could do it all again, I would not pay some foppish professor to brainwash my child. My intention was to give the child the tools necessary to earn a living and be happy in life.

By turning my child into a square peg that won't fit back into a family full of round pegs, much of that child's future happiness has been taken away.

At 7:37 AM, Blogger Orange Ukraine said...

Funny post.

This is Dan from over at Orange Ukraine with a suggestions. Whenever people put long hyperlinks in their comments, or you put long hyperlinks in the text, I think you're going to get a wrapping problem which will mean your right titlebar with all your links and stuff get misaligned way down the page. (at least in Explorer, which I'm using)

I had the same problem with my site until I complained to squarespace, and now they've fixed it. I suggest comlplaining to Blogger and then going in and adding spaces in the hyperlinks as a stopgap measure until they fixed it.

Anyway, that's what I did. Hope the comment is helpful.

Dan McMinn

At 7:42 AM, Blogger Orange Ukraine said...

Oh, sorry, my alignment comment is not in reference to this posting, but the posting about the NYT article. Did you know there is a good analysis of the article at Neeka's Backlog, and an even better one at the Eurasia Daily Monitor (best free coverage of Ukraine imaginable, outside of Zerkalo Nedeli, that is)
The Eurasia Daily Monitor Article:


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