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Monday, February 28, 2005

And now for something completely different

By Aussiegirl

Since there are a lot of Yulia Tymoshenko fans out there, I didn't want to leave out Ukraine's newest revolutionary heroine, the pop singer Ruslana, who won last year's Eurovision Song Contest held in Turkey with "Wild Dances".

Here's a photo of Ruslana, who seems to favor black leather, especially for Mr. P. Pundit, who seems to have a soft spot for Ukrainian beauties -- and all you other guys out there in blogoland -- you know who you are.

Ruslana took an active part in the Orange Revolution, coming often to the Maidan, cheering the crowds on with her songs, and also participated in drum beating outside some Ministry offices that were being besieged.

As I noted earlier, Russia has censored the parts of her "Wild Dances" video which feature these dangerous revolutionary scenes. Personally, I think it was the black leather that Putin objected to -- but maybe it was the message of freedom.

Here's the Ukrainian language cover of her latest album, also called "Wild Dances"

Since Ukraine won last year's contest it means that this year's contest will be held in Kyiv. The old Sports Palace is being refurbished in time for the May concert.

This year's entry will be the Orange Revolution rap anthem "Razom nas Bahato" -- or "Together we are Many". The song quickly swept the crowds and was enthusastically cheered at every gathering.
Here's the story from the
BBC where you can also get a link to hear and excerpt of "Razom":

The song that became the anthem of Ukraine's "orange revolution" has been chosen to represent the country at this year's Eurovision song contest.

The hip-hop tune Together we are many! (Razom nas bahato!) by Greenjolly beat 18 other contestants in an interactive vote in a qualifying final in Kiev.

It became an instant hit with many Ukrainians who rallied against last November's rigged presidential poll.

It was written by the Greenjolly duo in the early days of the mass protests in Kiev that eventually brought West-leaning President Viktor Yushchenko to power.
"No to falsifications!... No to lies! Yushchenko - yes! Yushchenko - yes! This is our president - yes, yes!" the song says. "We aren't cattle!... We are Ukraine's daughters and sons! Now or never! Enough with the wait! Together we are many! We cannot be defeated," it says.


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Man, I haven't been able to check out my blog roll in days because of Lebanon! Glad I stumbled upon you in time ;)

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