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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Poisoning suspects narrow

According to a report in the Turkish Press, Svyatoslav Piskun, charged
with investigating and prosecuting the case of poisoning of Viktor
Yushchenko, says there is no doubt he was poisoned with a form of dioxin
not commonly available, furthermore he suspects someone from the
government. He was in Vienna to obtain documents concerning the toxin.

More from the article:

"Today I obtained documents here that give us the medical proof that
Yuschenko was poisoned," Piskun said, adding that the medical reports
were compiled by experts in Austria, Britain, Germany and the

Yushchenko was probably poisoned around the time he attended a dinner in
early September at which the former deputy chief of the Ukrainian secret
service was present, he said.

"We have always known roughly when the poison was administered. But the
meeting today with Doctor Nikolai Korpan, the doctor of President
Yushchenko, brought us some proof. The time probably coincides with the
dinner, but we cannot say that it was exactly this day," he told the

Asked whether he had specific poisoning suspects in mind, he said: "The
circle of suspects is so big that I do not want to leave anybody out and
hurt their feelings.


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