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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

BonnieBlueFlag is really steamed -- watch out!!

Senator Frist learned today that it's not nice to get on the wrong side of BonnieBlueFlag -- read on for her excellent e-mail to the good senator and his colleagues. I heartily concur with BonnieB.

Read on:

E-mail of this date to Senators Frist, Bond and Talent, President Bush and Ken Mehlman, Chairman, RNC, by BonnieBlueFlag

Dear Senator Bill Frist, MD:

Are you the Senate majority leader, or a candidate for the 2008 Presidential election?

From coast to coast we voted for Republican Senators, because we wanted President Bush to be able to appoint judges that would rule according to the US Constitution, not by foreign law or opinion. We additionally gave you a Republican House of Representatives, so that the President's agenda could be moved forward.

Many of us wrote to you previously, regarding Arlen Spector being given the chairmanship of the judiciary committee.
We begged you not to allow this to happen, but our pleas were ignored. You and the rest of the Republican party, became a laughing stock when Arlen Spector assumed that position. The voters who gave you 55 Republican Senators, were not amused!
Arlen Spector immediately showed his appreciation by giving Hannibal G. Williams II Kemerer an important staff position. Kemerer is a known Democratic operative, and Spector has given him the capacity to delve into the complete background of any judicial nominee.

Once more Democrats like Hillary Clinton, Kennedy, Reid, Boxer and Byrd could be heard laughing all across the land.

Again, we the voters were not amused.
This is a most unusual moment in US history. We have a President who is a moral decent man, who is trying to put right many of the past actions taken by the liberal Democrats. We have a majority of Republicans in the Senate and the House, and an opportunity to get the US back on the right track. And still we are being railroaded by the Democratic party.

If you are waiting until we have elected 95 Republicans to the Senate to make a move, it isn't going to happen.

And, if you are holding back on doing the correct thing, because you plan to run for president in the 2008 election, we the voters will remember that you have repeatedly failed to do the will of the people.

Please insure that every one of President Bush's judicial nominees receives an "UP or DOWN" vote on the Senate floor, including those who were previously denied a fair vote.

Thank you for your prompt attention in this regard.

cc: President George W. Bush
cc: Missouri Senator Kit Bond
cc: Missouri Senator Jim Talent
cc: Mr. Ken Mehlman, Chairman Republican National Committee
Please contact your US Senator at your first opportunity.


At 12:08 AM, Blogger Pindar said...

BonnieBlueFlag, what a strongly put and well argued email! Let's hope that it will actually get read by the addressees.

At 12:08 AM, Blogger Pindar said...

BonnieBlueFlag, what a strongly put and well argued email! Let's hope that it will actually get read by the addressees.


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