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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

George Felos -- author, lawyer, and nutcase extraordinaire

By Aussiegirl

By his own words, George Felos reveals himself as a death-worshipping cultist who fancies that he spiritually contacts his incapacitated clients, and reads their minds about their desires to die. Do you want this man anywhere near you or your family?

Amazon.com: Books: Litigation As Spiritual Practice

From the Inside Flap:

"Such a deep, dark, silent blue. I stared as far into her eyes as I could, hoping to sense some glimmer of understanding, some hint of awareness. The deeper I dove, the darker became the blue, until the blue became the black of some bottomless lake. 'Mrs. Browning, do you want to die? ... Do you want to die?' - I near shouted as I continued to peer into her pools of strikingly beautiful but incognizant blue. It felt so eerie. Her eyes were wide open and crystal clear, but instead of the warmth of lucidity, they burned with the ice of expressionlessness."

With this meeting, attorney George J. Felos became the legal advocate of Estelle Browning's right to die and in the process plumbed the depths of death and dying and spearheaded a social revolution to enable death with dignity in the state of Florida. Felos uses this case and a decade-long tax battle with the United States Justice Department - sending him to Hong Kong's back alleys in search of antique jades and ivories - as framework to interweave the story of his law practice and spiritual unfoldment. "


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