Ultima Thule

In ancient times the northernmost region of the habitable world - hence, any distant, unknown or mysterious land.

Monday, March 28, 2005

More content coming tomorrow

By Aussiegirl

I do have lots of things to say and articles to share, but Eblogger has been very recalcitrant today and I am very weary -- I need time to pull all my information and thoughts together into a coherent argument.

Stay tuned and thanks for visiting.


At 4:59 AM, Blogger TJ Willms said...

I have complete confidence that You can do it desipite the inner grindings of Eblogger. If this wasn't wonderful forum for the exchange of Ideas @ the outstanding price of $0.00 I might have to keep all of these thoughts in my head, just think of the back pressure! It would be nice though if Eblogger would adopt the Nike slogan as it's opertating philosiphy and "Just do it."


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