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Friday, March 25, 2005

Bloggers beware

By Aussiegirl

Read this From Tech Central Station -- The Coming War on Blogs

They're coming after the blogs next -- I predicted this on Lucianne.com during the last election. Enjoy these freedoms while you have them -- you may not have them for much longer. The methods include heavy regulatory action that will require bloggers to register their blogs as a contribution to a candidate under current campaign finance reform (thank you John McCain).

Further burdens which the MSM can afford to bear but would unfairly burden individual bloggers would be stringent interpretations of the copyright laws and laborious regulatory and bureaucratic forms and legal loopholes to be jumped through in order to comply with the new law or regulations. Expansion of the libel laws can also be used to stifle free speech on blogs.

Without the blogs let's just think what the mainstream media and the politicians would have gotten away with -- the Swiftboat scandal, the Dan Rather memogate, and on and on -- I'm sure there are so many I can't bring to mind yet. Just the other day Michelle Malkin and Mickey Kaus outed the incredibly biased question used by ABC to come up with its astonishing poll that had 70% of the public supporting putting Terri Schiavo to death. No other poll came even close to showing this result.

Kerry has already weighed in on the dangers of blogging to the mainstream media and how this has to be stopped. After witnessing what they've managed to do in the Schiavo case is there any doubt that bloggers are a danger that the left must extinguish.


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