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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Come on down to Sunny Florida -- where the living -- and the dying -- are easy

By BonnieBlueFlag

There is undoubtedly a culture of rot and decay in Florida, unfortunately, the rest of the country is being tainted by the same decay. Florida is one of the bad apples in the barrel, along with others like California, and special mention of the Massachusetts State Supreme Court.

Florida, port of entry for the Cubans and the Haitians. Ah, the Haitians, the criminals and AIDS carriers could not be confined for scrutiny and treatment, because the courts said they had to be let go into the general public.

The days of a health check, or a background check at Ellis Island, are gone. Come one, come all, come aboard the United States of Titanic America.

You're a retired American registered to vote in the state you are currently living in? Well, come on down, you can register to vote here as well, you deserve that second vote.

Come on down, you've worked all these years and now you are entitled to free everything. Hide your portfolio with your children, and we'll see to it that you get all the government assistance that is being provided to our illegal alien population for free. No worries, let the American taxpayer foot the bill. Just remember that all this has been given you by the Democratic party when you cast those two or more votes of yours.

Sunny Florida, home of Judge Greer. He'll make sure that all of your illegal activities are sealed by order of his court, just in case someone tries to prove that you have repeatedly tried to murder your spouse.

Come on down.

Many lucrative business opportunities for nursing homes and hospices, easy fraudulent billing of the government for services that have not been provided. Doctors and Lawyers available for consultation, patient recommendations and referrals.

Come on down . . .


At 3:19 PM, Blogger Timothy Birdnow said...

George Neumayr in the American Spectator Online has an interesting proposal which dovetails nicely with this post. Everyone should check it out!

I pray I am never in a serious accident down in the Sunshine State!

At 8:52 PM, Anonymous Pindar said...

BonnieBlueFlag, nicely sarcastic as well as a sad commentary on an evil and corrupt state of affairs.

At 9:04 PM, Blogger BonnieBlueFlag said...

Tim that article you recommended was a very concise overview of what indeed is ahead of us.

The elite in this country with their personal trainers and chefs, their doctors on speed dial (witness Jackson's doctor at court the other day), will continue to push for the elimination of anyone who is not perfect in all respects.


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