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Sunday, March 20, 2005

They give us death -- and call it compassion

By Aussiegirl

It looks as though the democrats have dug in their heels on this one and are determined to drag it out. I'm not sure of all the procedural ramifications of what's going on, but they have clearly decided that they are willing to risk further losses at the ballot box rather than give in on this topic which seems of paramount importance to them: the twin doctrines of supreme judicial dictatorial authority over every aspect of our lives, free of any restraint of law, legislation or common decency -- and -- the culture of death that that party has been promulgating for years.

First with the Roe v. Wade decision, which makes our country the only country in the western world which allows for abortions up to and including the moment of birth and full gestation. The European nations are even debating about further reducing the time frame in which abortions may be sought, while we allow the killing of full term, viable babies.

Then we have the benign sounding and seductive term of "death with dignity", "right-to-die", "euthanasia", while crooning and lulling voices of experts reassure us that death by dehydration and starvation is really a beautiful and peaceful process -- there have been a number of articles recently on just that topic. A pink-cheeked little "geriatric specialist" on Fox who specializes in "end of life issues" assured us a few days ago that dying in this manner is one of the most humane, peaceful and wonderful things that can possibly happen. God save me from such a wet behind the ears little twerp of a "specialist" in my last days. He is nothing more than a ghoul, who enjoys inflicting death. What could he possibly know about life, much less sickness, aging and death at his age? A medical degree does not bestow wisdom or compassion or human decency.

We now see that the democrats will risk defeat at the ballot box to preserve these twin tenets of their faith -- death and the untrammeled power of the judiciary.

Reno managed to incinerate a bunch of men, women and children and it looks like the Democrats are going to leave a lot of human sacrifices in their wake as they go down to eventual defeat. But even in the minority they still seem to be wielding a great deal of power.

This is a test case, for sure -- whether a disabled woman has any civil rights, or not -- or whether the decisions of one judge trump all other branches of government combined and all other considerations. What ever happened to checks and balances?

This is big -- bigger than the Republicans in the Congress realized -- that's why they are hurrying to catch up. The president started the ball rolling on Friday, by finally coming out with a statement supporting life -- and the Republicans and Democrats who were scurrying home for the Easter recess suddenly were brought up short by the President.

What I still don't understand is why a U.S. attorney has not gotten an injunction or a bench warrant to enforce that subpoena and protect Terri Schiavo as a witness until all these politicos can have their endless discussions.

Why the rush to kill her and remove the tubes?? She has been this way for 15 years -- what difference would a few more weeks make? The reason is they hope she will die and then this will all be over. The judge, and the corrupt officials, and the members of that death hospice and the husband, will all get away with it -- and the democrats will have won another battle in the fight to make the judiciary the supreme unelected governors and dictators of this country -- and to encode in law once again and more firmly -- this concept of death of the inconvenient.

At this point, I believe the democrats don't care about losing more elections. That's not where the real power lies any more -- as we see so starkly with this case. They will sacrifice it all -- for this victory.

We don't know how it will come out. My gut told me last night that all that "agreement" that was announced yesterday was going to fall apart.

There is still hope -- but what is the point of dragging it out with further discussions??? The point is she might die -- problem solved -- for everyone - because I feel that even the Republicans would wish that this would just go away.

What we are seeing here is a stark reminder of the degree to which the judiciary has woven its deadly tentacles through the very fabric of our society - and rendered every branch of government -- and the people -- and the family -- completely irrelevant before its devouring maw.

God help us -- if all the powers arrayed on the side of life cannot save this one woman -- then we are done for -- and the slippery slope has just become an avalanche of death and evil. � And on Palm Sunday too. She will most likely die around Easter if no one reinserts that tube.

As I said before -- they will give us death -- and call it compassion.

And here we have the Pope -- blessing the assembled crowds on Palm Sunday. Twice now he has been taken to the hospital and twice many counted him out and started the death watch -- and each time he has come back. He gives hope to many people who are sick and dying. He may yet have some weeks, months or even years before him - and even in that crippled and painful body he carries on as an example to all of us of the worth and value of each life -- and even of the value of suffering to each of us. There is a message there to all of us -- and there is a message in the plight of Terri Schiavo.

God has given us life -- he has given us the power to love, to comfort, to feed and to nourish, to express kindness and to care for those who are in need -- but he has also given us through our free will -- the power to destroy and kill.

We now see the true stakes at play in our own country. While we looked to dangers across the sea -- in strange lands -- we find that the enemy is within -- and the enemy -- as Pogo used to say -- is often --- us. We are reaching a tipping point -- this is a watershed case -- which side will win?

So far the evil ones have won -- at Ruby Ridge, at Waco, with Elian -- what will happen here?

We watch, we wait -- we pray. What else can we do?


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