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Friday, March 18, 2005

Why is the U.S. Attorney not asking for a restraining order to carry out the subpoena issued by Congress?

By Aussiegirl

I'm listening to Hannity and Colmes, and Sen. Rick Santorum, in answer to a question from Sean is saying that the reason the subpeona from Congress for Terri Schiavo to appear a witness has not been enforced is that a U. S Attorney has to act to request a restraining order be issued in order to the subpoenas legal requirements to go into effect. The law says that any person called as a witness before the Congress shall be protected from harm, which we would assume would include not being starved to death by having their feeding tube removed.

Terri's sister, who saw her today, said that she seemed to be trying to talk to the attorney who was talking with her. At one point Terri uttered such a loud sound that the policeman guarding her room heard her clearly.

I'm no lawyer, but as I understand it, a U.S. attorney works for the Attorney General, who in turn answer to the President. If the President wants this to be enforced, why was this U.S. Attorney not in court today enforcing this subpoena?


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