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Friday, March 18, 2005

More thoughts on Terri

By Aussiegirl

I have cut and pasted below my comments on today's ongoing thread on Lucianne.com on this topic today. I highly recommend that people visit and read through this informative and powerful thread. There are many links and much information that may change your mind about this case if you are simply thinking that this is a loving husband endeavoring to carry out his wife's wishes:

I believe we have reached a tipping point in this country where the masks have completely come off the opposing sides. The democrat party has become the party of death, and they are enforcing their beliefs through the power of an unelected and out of control judiciary, untethered from any Constitutional or legal basis.

One one side stand those who would defend life, especially helpless life. On the other stand the heartless and soulless materialists who believe we are nothing but a blob of flesh to be disposed of when we become inconvenient'

But if all the powers of the legislative and executive branches of the government are impotent in the face of a few unelected judges, then elections are just a fig leaf and a lie perpetrated on gullible public.

And the liberals will enforce death and call it compassion and liberalism from now on, and no power on earth can stop them. It's now or never -- if we can't stop this -- then we are very possibly lost. I hope I'm wrong. I pray I am.

Visit Terri's website to learn more


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