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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Thomas More Law Center's opinion that Gov. Jeb Bush can save Terri Schiavo

By Aussiegirl

Jeb Bush has the legal authority to save Terri Schiavo -- only he knows why he won't do it.

Click here to read the legal opinion of the Thomas More Law Center --- October 15, 2003 --- sent to Jeb Bush at the time, entitled:

"Legal Authority of Governor Bush to prevent the imminent death of Ms. Terri Schiavo."

There are a number of bases listed here, among them Florida law and the Americans With Disabilities Act.


At 8:27 PM, Anonymous Pindar said...

To think that as far back as October 15, 2003--a year and a half ago!--Jeb (hey, covering my political backside is sure as heck more important than Terri what's-her-name) Bush, according to the legal research by this prestigious law center, clearly had the authority to rescue Terri from her sad fate, but, obviously as much a coward then as a coward now, took no action. And even now, in the eleventh hour, he makes excuses here, excuses there. Poor Terri. Who knows how much better she could have become by now, had Jeb (hey, I'm a politician, what do you expect?)Bush had done the right thing.


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