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Friday, March 25, 2005

Vigilantes on our borders?

By Aussiegirl

More fallout on the problems of our southern borders. President Bush thinks that citizens who patrol and report illegal activity (not unlike neighborhood watch groups) are vigilantes. The position of the administration on this crucial matter of the highest domestic priority continues to be curious.

Douglas Hanson, The American Thinker's military contributor makes some excellent points -- be sure to read the whole thing:

The conservative political punditry certainly called this one right.� Wednesday, President Bush spoke out against� the Minuteman Project, which consists of about 1000 US volunteers who have grown tired of the rampant illegal immigration across our southern borders, and is assisting the US Border patrol by observing and reporting illegal activity.� And, if this weren't bad enough, GW displayed a distinct lack of knowledge on exactly how the Minuteman Project operates, by using the term "vigilantes" when referring to the volunteers.� Frankly, this was an inappropriate term and displayed an elitist attitude.� And this coming from a man who in the past has been willing to place his trust in the American people rather than practicing political expediency.

. . . President Bush has been viewed as a leader who places the national security of our country as the number one priority.� His national security team and the DoD have correctly gone on the offense in the Global War on Terror and taken the fight to the enemy.� Unfortunately, the lack of will in securing our border, and his criticisms of our citizens acting in good faith to protect their loved ones and property, only reinforce the perception that GW is returning to business as usual in the domestic political arena.� Pandering to the oddball coalition of open-border Democrats and cheap-labor Republicans may have some economic benefit that I don't understand, but this is certainly no way to secure our country.


At 6:00 PM, Blogger Timothy Birdnow said...

President Bush is dead wrong on this issue. What he is trying to do is capture the ever-growing Hispanic population for the Republican Party. The sad reality is that most legal immigrants resent the illegals as much as natural born citizens, and the body of illegals is going to embrace the Party which offers the fullest pinata-and that Party will always be the Democrats. This just isn`t going to work the way the President thinks; he hopes to create a Republican version of the New Deal Coalition with the help of the Hispanic vote. Fat chance.

Meanwhile, the United States is being INVADED. Poor migrant workers are pouring into this country by the millions, and they no nothing of our culture and heritage, have no real interest in enculturating, speak little or no English, and will not be digested into the American body as all previous immigrant groups have been. This is serious; Rome fell because of their inability (or unwillingness) to control their borders. Lebanon descended into a state of chaos because of out-of-control borders. Will we be giving Texas and California back to Mexico in a few years? Why stop there-perhaps Colorado, Wyoming, CHICAGO?

If the government is unwilling or unable to provide this most basic of services, then it is up to the citizenry to do it themselves. The Texas Rangers held the entire border between Texas and Mexico with just a few determined men. I can`t believe that 21st century America is unable to stop millions of dirty poor people from entering the Country.

At 6:50 PM, Blogger Just Rannin' Around said...

I too have to agree that Bush is going the wrong way on this issue. I don't think that people shouldn't be allowed into this country because that is how this country was built, however, they need to do so legally. The system is becoming over burdened with people that are taking out of the system while not putting anything back in. I work hard and pay a lot of taxes. I have to pay for insurance and housing and food and transportation. These people cross over and receive all of these things as prizes for making it here. Let me start over and get a home, food and medical care for free and not even be a citizen. Jesus says love everyone and I will try in all my human imperfection to do so, but Jesus also said work hard and be self reliant.

At 10:33 PM, Blogger Aussiegirl said...

Wonderful comments from the both of you. As an immigrant myself (legal), I really should put in my two cents worth. My family waited for seven years to get a visa to come to the United States. We had to prove that we had a sponsor who vouched that he would support us and that we would not become a burden on the country. My parents never took a penny from the government. Even if they had been entitled to some welfare or whatever was available back then, they would have died of shame before they would have applied. They worked their way up, even though they were starting over again for the third time in their lives. They worked from the bottom up. They both took menial jobs in the beginning and were never shamed by that -- instead they were proud that they were able to put food on the table. They both worked their way up to government jobs eventually, and both used their language and educational skills, which wasn't easy. But they had to wait to become naturalized American citizens before they could be considered to be hired by the government. I resent all these people coming here illegally, and expecting a free handout and all the services. We could never have imagined that we could demand that Americans spoke to us in Ukrainian, or that documents or signs be in Ukrainian. It burns me up when I go to my neighborhood supermarket, and half the signs in the aisles are in Spanish -- and they are situated so that if you want to read the English portion -- you have to walk to the end of the aisle and look back to read where to find the aluminum foil or the canned food. I'm sure, as Tim said, that legal immigrants resent these illegals and take the entry level jobs that they might like to start with.

It is a devil's bargain -- not only is Bush thinking he can have this wonderful constituency in the future, which I also doubt, (I love the comment on the Pinata), but he is supporting the agribusinesses who want the cheap undocumented labor.

In any case, it's a time bomb waiting to go off.


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