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Friday, April 22, 2005

Curmudgeonly musings on a rainy day

By Aussiegirl

Check back tomorrow, folks, for more news, musings, poetry, history or literature -- or whatever I find or am in the mood for -- these past few days have been hectic and even bloggers are deserving of a day off now and then -- no???

Meanwhile -- just a few random musings and thoughts:

The Russian ambassador to Ukraine (I'm too tired to look up his name today -- check back tomorrow) has stated that since Stalin was Georgian, Ukrainians should therefore not blame Russia for the Genocidal Famine of 1932-33 which murdered over 7 million Ukrainians -- but -- we should blame the Georgians!!!

Wow -- and here's me thinking it must have been George Bush's fault! Who knew? I can't even bring myself to take this bit of condescending and insulting twaddle in any way seriously. Ukrainians are more than accustomed to this sort of dismissive imperial talk from the Russians, who evidently think they still live in a world where they control the vertical and the horizontal. Don't touch that dial -- do not attempt to change the channel -- you are tuned to the Twilight Zone of Russian insanity. The man is obviously mental, and so is the regime he represents.

Now, moving along.

Miroslava Gongadze is currently in Ukraine meeting with various officials in relation to the investigation into the murder of her journalist husband, Georgyi Gongadze, of which you have read much on this blog. I will have more of her interviews tomorrow, but one thing that struck me was her overall impression of Ukraine after having been in the United States for 4 years -- which was depressing. She isn't sure why -- but it struck her when she landed at the airport and had an encounter with the customs agent. She said she had hoped to hear something like, "Have a pleasant stay in Ukraine" in Ukrainian -- instead -- she heard the same insolent tones that she was used to hearing in the old days-- and in the Russian language.

Get a clue, people, PR is the name of the game. Don't you want people to travel to our beautiful Ukraine now that they have heard so much about the Orange Revolution? Now that the whole world finally sees Ukraine as something positive? Who wouldn't like to travel to the ancient city of Kyiv to visit the great cathedrals and monasteries, and see for themselves the "Maidan", the Independence Square that they heard so much about? If so, a few little touches make all the difference. Courtesy, helpfulness, the sound of Ukrainian greeting them. Instead of surly Russian, with the typical unhelpful and dour expression of the old, dark, Soviet days. How can you strive towards the west when you do not know how things are done in the west -- or do you not care? I think I'm just tired today.


At 11:18 PM, Blogger Michael Morrison said...

Stalin was indeed Georgian, and apparently that is a significant fact.
Remember: So was Jimmy Carter.

At 2:23 AM, Blogger BonnieBlueFlag said...

Aussiegirl, you are so correct in your observation that there now exists a unique opportunity to cultivate tourism, and the good will of people around the world who will come to see Ukraine's art, history and people.

Perhaps they could set an example for the U.S., and our airport employees could give up their Spanish and learn to speak English.


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