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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Does Yushchenko opposition plan a 1917 scenario?

By Aussiegirl

In an article quoted on ORANGE REVOLUTION, entitled: Warning Call - Intent of Ukrainian "Opposition", the author lays out a scenario by which the opposition in Ukraine will use the same methods successfully employed by Lenin in taking control from the democratically elected Russian government and seizing it for the communists, under the guise of "reform". Read this cautionary tale and realize that the success of the Orange Revolution was only the beginning of democracy, which remains a delicate seedling in need of careful nurturing and protection for it to be able to flower.

In the article ‘Revolution: ‘large competitions’ continue,” the strong probability of taking advantage of the “new 1917” scenario in the brand new Ukrainian political arena was described. According to this scenario, the basic resolutions, successfully tested at the time by the Bolsheviks, would be used against Tymoshenko’s “Provisional Administration.” It appears that this prognosis is already taking place.

Let us take for example the humanitarian Vice Prime Minister Mykola Tomenko—a professional historian and political scholar—who recently spoke about the political sabotage on the part of the grouped oligarchs and the officials controlled by them, and in addition, the oligarchs’ readiness to exacerbate the socio-political problems by the massive lay-offs and standstill in the companies they own.

Undoubtedly, it includes the escalation of prices for food and energy.

All of this already took place. Only, to sabotage the government’s resolutions, in 1917 they used the machinery that was part of the Regional Councils’ set-up, under the Bolsheviks’ control, which tried to undermine all attempts to normalize production, and they also utilized provocative politics in the villages which led to disruption in product preparation, and so on.

The structure and methods are different, but the methodology and goals are the same--to aggravate the situation to the maximum and force the administration to go into the defensive, then, discredit it. The sabotage in this case is the second or third modus operandus.

However, the essential is how at the time the Bolsheviks blamed their political opponents for “betrayal of democracy” and for their “intention to give up Petrograd to the Germans.” Similarly, at this time there is a systematic play of cards against the Yushchenko-Tymoshenko administration, by alleging “betrayal of democracy,” “violation of the freedom of speech,” and of the “relinquishing of Ukraine to foreign forces.”

It is interesting that in one auditorium filled to capacity, Yushchenko was presented as a “sell-out to the Americans,” and in another as “as an agent of influence for the Russian oligarchs.”

. . . One more historic detail. When in the beginning of June of 1917, the Bolsheviks first attempted to gain control of the government in Petrograd, the head of the already inactive Governmental Duma of the Russian Empire, Rodzianko, came to see the head of the Provisional Government, Prince Lvov. He banged with his fists on the table and yelled, “it is necessary not only to arrest all leaders of the “zakolotnyky” (Trostkyj, Lunacharskiy, and Kolotnay were already incarcerated. The location were Lenin and Zinoviyev were staying—in Rozlyv—was well known. Stalin, Kamenyov, and Sverdlov were also not hard to find) but to also bring them to trial and execute all who declared war to the authorities and all who funded the actions of the “zakolotnyki.” To which the Russian leader replied, “How could we? Our revolution is great because it is bloodless!”

There were only four months left before the “Great October,” five till the creation of the Cheka, and just a little over a year till the declaration of the “Red Terror.”


At 9:35 AM, Anonymous One Eyed Cat said...

The "Opposition" would love to pull a 1917 style coup. They will find another reality after the '06 election. I'll give them a few PR points for using democratic rhetoric, but they simply lack the human capital (to put it nicely)



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