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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

False hopes breed shattered dreams

By Aussiegirl

This is what a shattered economy and corruption breeds in a country where people are unable to earn a decent living. This was one of the sore points Viktor Yushchenko addressed during his stirring inauguration speech - that Ukrainians are tired of having to leave their homeland to seek work abroad in order to feed themselves or their families -- and he promised to work to make this unnecessary.
According to the article, many Ukrainian NGOs are addressing this problem through awareness campaigns, etc. What a tragedy for these young women who only want to better their lives. I pray that the situation in Ukraine will improve so that we do not have to see this kind of situation in the future.

And what about the countries where these abuses occur? Is the UN (Ha!! You remember -- the UN whose own employees have been accused of rape and sexual exploitation!) putting pressure on these countries to actively pursue and eradicate these human trafficking and sexual slavery outfits?

And where are the feminists? Those privileged whiners who only seem to find discrimination in the editorial pages of the LA Times -- discrimination against white, educated, upper-class American women, that is -- you know, the ones who really matter -- to hell with all the women of the world who are REALLY being oppressed -- like in all those Muslim countries. Or perhaps our feminists secretly envy the ability to walk about in public in a burka -- would save them the embarrassment of exposing themselves for the bitter, spoiled, leftist hags they are.

Read more:

Lured by the promise of better prospects and quality of life, thousands of Ukrainian women have left their homes and families only to become victims of human trafficking.

While they're often promised work as waitresses, in stores, or as domestic workers, many young women are forced into sexual exploitation, usually to pay off the cost of their "migration." Stripped of their passports, threatened and abused, these women become trapped.

According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), Ukraine is one of the main European countries of origin for human trafficking for the purpose of forced prostitution. Although the exact number of victims is unclear, estimates indicate that since Ukraine's independence in 1991, as many as 11 million Ukrainian citizens have crossed the border to work abroad, usually irregularly. Thousands of these people became victims of trafficking.


At 5:46 PM, Anonymous Pindar said...

What a shocking business, trafficking in human souls like this! From the article: "Women – often mother and daughter teams – are the primary recruiters in Ukraine while men control recruitment abroad. Trafficking victims also act as recruiters – either forcibly or on their own upon their return to Ukraine, knowing the profit that can be made." Imagine, women, knowing full well what fate might befall these unfortunates, betray their own sex, along with their daughters! Just when you think you've learned the worst about human nature! And I like Aussiegirl's biting final statement: "exposing themselves for the bitter, spoiled, leftist hags they are." I too hope that Ukraine can get this terrible problem (as well as other problems) under control, so she can live up to the great hopes that we all have of her.

At 12:41 AM, Anonymous One Eyed Cat said...


This is a good resource for human trafficking out of Ukraine. I have been uttely disguisted by the lack of response from supposed "feminists" and "human rights" causes in the west. One of the primary destinations for these women is the Balkans (especially Kosovo)



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