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Friday, April 01, 2005

Join the NRO allstars in Atlanta

By Aussiegirl

So -- you always wanted to schmooze with Jonah Goldberg? Exchange a few witticisms with John Derbyshire? Have a heart to heart with Rich Lowry? Discuss vital issues with Kathryn Lopez? Well, here's your chance, especially if you are going to be in or near Atlanta on May 5, 2005. Here's the scoop on a fundraiser which will let you fulfill all those dreams.

National Review Is Coming to Atlanta!

Please join Jonah Goldberg, Rich Lowry,
Jay Nordlinger, Kathryn Lopez, John Derbyshire,
Ramesh Ponnuru, Andrew Stuttaford,
and the Capital Gang's Kate O'Beirne at
Alston & Bird, LLP,
Atlantic Center Plaza,
1180 West Peachtree Street,
Atlanta, Georgia, on May 5, 2005,
in support of National Review and NRO.


At 7:16 PM, Anonymous blackminorcapullets said...

Every Slavic-American living on Peachtree down in Hotlanta should run and not walk to this NR Bash.

Remember all those C+'s for those great term papers on the Communist Holocausts?

Remember all those funny remarks about the consonants in you name.

Remember all those articles about the the Duranty Pulitzer for the coverup of Stalin's 10 milion victims? (TRICK QUESTION - Of Course you don't - there were no articles in the MSM!)

Well step right up and meet the luminaries that can not only pronounce your name, but share exactly the same history sense as you. In fact, they are actually the reincarnation of Uncle John and Babchi Anna who instead of inveighing against communists in the Lemko Hall in Cleveland, graduated with PH.D's to inveigh against Communists in the Halls of Princeton. (I am not sure the latter would have worked in the "Deer Hunter".)

Yes and bring your cigars and your Ketel 1 sipping glass.

Warning - If you have a mustache, Do Not engage Jonah in Flaming Tequila Shooter Contests.

At 8:00 PM, Blogger Aussiegirl said...

Yes -- you really touched on some sore spots. Growing up and having people say "I don't believe you." when you tell them things that happened to your family - including a World History teacher in high school - and in front of the whole class. Of having friends look at you and say -- "Aren't you a bit too obsessed about the communist threat?" Or having to explain what "Ukrainian" is -- "No," one replies wearily for the umpteenth time --- "It is NOT Russian!"

And as you said - how many poor grades we received for not regurgitating the "correct" opinions on papers and essays. But considering what my parents and many like them had suffered, it never once occurred to me to kowtow or get along. I proudly carry to this day that "F" I received in my first week of English 101 at the University of Maryland, when I wrote an essay defending America's involvement in the war in Vietnam. When the bearded and sandaled "professor" told me I would only get a passing grade if I defended the opposing view -- I refused. Forget what I got in the class - does it matter? I learned to write without him -- hehe.

If they want to attract Ukes -- I suggest they provide somed vodka and caviar on buttered black bread, and maybe a bit of schmaltz herring -- and a varenyk wouldn't go astray - of course -- with lots of sour cream. But whatever the menu -- sounds like a great opportunity for anyone, of any ethnic or non-ethnic persuasion. Human - and intelligent should do it.


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