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Saturday, June 25, 2005

BonnieBlueFlag ponders the meaning of Independence Day


By BonnieBlueFlag

The traditional nationwide celebration of the Independence of the United States is just a few days away. How do you plan to observe the 4th of July?

As I think about red, white and blue bunting and flags, sparklers, fireworks, picnics and backyard barbecues, I'm wondering just exactly what it is, that I am supposed to be celebrating this year?
The flood of "illegal aliens" (not immigrants) across our borders? People who are a financial drain on all of our social and health care resources, which in turn makes it very difficult for natural born legal American citizens, to afford sky rocketing health insurance premiums?

The "illegal aliens" who have become so emboldened as to demand the right to vote for representation in our government? The Democrats who will arrange for that vote to happen, because that is the only way they can hope to win elections?

The elimination of any sign of the Christian God that the early American pilgrims brought with them, as they escaped religious persecution in Europe? Where will we go to escape the same?

The introduction of Islam into our public schools, with children wearing the burkas and skull caps of the Muslims to class, so they can become sensitive to this violent religion? The same schools that are forbidden to allow any Christian thought or deed on the premises?

The court ordered death of unborn children by way of abortion, or stem cell experimentation; or, people like Terri Schiavo who can no longer speak for themselves?

The Supreme Court decision of this week, that not only makes most of our homes available for the highest bid to be paid to the local government, not the property owner; but, also suddenly makes long standing non profit/non tax paying Christian Churches vulnerable for conversion to a shopping mall, condominiums, perhaps even a mosque? Will the churches (and others) be forced to pay protection money to their city governments?
That China which already controls both ends of the Panama Canal, that we built and gave away, wants to buy an American oil company with vast reserves that we depend on?� Does anyone really think that they would continue to make that oil available to us?
If we were to attempt to purchase a Chinese oil company, their government would put a stop to it under penalty of death. However, someone in our own federal government will be paid 30 pieces of silver, and we will take one more step toward losing our "Independence."

That a number of US Senators elected by "We the People," let us know this week, that they will vote down an amendment to protect our American flag? Our flag that has been soaked in the blood of men who have given their lives and limbs to protect, cannot and will not be protected, by many of our government representatives with a simple vote!

That some of those same government representatives continue to undermine the morale and efforts of our troops in a time of war? If the year were 1776, they would be stood before a firing squad for the crime of treason! Why are they allowed to continue to debase everything that "We the People" hold so dear?

I would never dream of burning the American flag in protest. However, in my heart and in my mind, I see it now flying as a "Distress Signal," for this once truly great nation, that is being destroyed by the enemy from within.



At 2:50 PM, Blogger Aussiegirl said...

Bravo, Bonnie - this is well said and absolutely correct. The only disagreement I might have is that I am personally against the so-called Flag Burning Amendment to the Constitution on conservative, free speech and free expression grounds. As odious as I find the act of burning our flag, I will defend the right of someone to do it. Also, it's not like there is an epidemic of flag-burning or desecration which requires such a drastic measure as an amendment to the Constitution. I'll have some more things to say on this probably in a post, but, as a good conservative, I defend to the death your right to disagree with me.

Wonderful post -- and the image of the Stars and Stripes waving upside down in the symbol of distress is very moving.


At 3:17 PM, Blogger BonnieBlueFlag said...

Hi, Aussiegirl,

I am not eager for a Constitutional Amendment regarding the flag either, but this is just one of many cases, where the will of the people has been over ridden by our court system.

I do not regard the burning of the flag as a right to be preserved, while the perpetrators of other hate crimes are prosecuted to the fullest extent.

I am equally intimidated or frightened by people who would burn a cross, or our flag; but, only those who burn a cross are punished, because it is considered a hate crime towards a minority.

There has not been a recent spate of flag burnings, however, we are being inundated by foreign cultures, that are known for burning the American flag. Shall we wait until the ashes are on our doorstep to take this precaution?

At 5:02 PM, Anonymous Pindar said...

Bonnie, you have produced an excellent catalogue of alarming trends in our country that must be thought about as we go about celebrating our national birthday, and somehow corrected. However, I agree with Aussiegirl about the flag-burning amendment, because I think that the concept of a "hate crime" is a bad idea. If I kill you, the fact that I hated you should make no difference, since this amounts to thought crime. You're not going to stop people hating other people by making these crimes illegal. Remember "sticks and stones"? And you're not going to increase patriotism by forbiding the burning of a flag.

At 11:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sick waste of time by Congress. While they sit and twiddle their thumbs at the important stuff.

I also don't think they'll get the passage they want. The American people, today, are getting annoyed. Getting annoyed at the stupidities coming out of the Supremes. And, getting annoyed at the farce that goes on in the senate. Among 100 elected officials over there, there's not one good one in sight.

As to the religious freedoms of the pilgrims, ya gotta realize we have a Mayflower Compact because nobody on board that ship trusted one another.

And, from the zealots we also got Salem's Witch Trials. Sometimes, you need to take things for what they're worth; and not over-empower the Elmer Gantry's who work the revival tents for themselves. Our American literature records all of this.

But ya know? The real meaning of "Independence Day" also means you can be an independent and free thinker. You don't need dogma. You don't need to see some creep with access to a microphone blowing into it, as if he's the personification of God on earth. They're all brought to you by sponsors, anyway. Who are doing this to you to sell their products.

So take advantage of freedom. We're entitled to complain. We haven't been dumbed down yet. Not all of us.

And, some of the tricks include the stuff magicians use; when they don't want you to see their slights of hand.

By the way, I see the muslims relishing the burning of our flags. And, even if they're not given to education. It doesn't take long to see that they're free to do something they'd get killed for if they did it to their despotic country's flags. (It's an odd thing, how some information registers that's not as negative as you think.)

Just remember this. When WW2 was over germany had no one willing to admit they were ever a nazi. The uniforms got burned. And, the act began that they were cooperative and democratic.

Of course, WW2 saw them split, with the Russian boot laying a heavy heel, over there. Churchill had noticed in the 1930's, that what gave rise to Hitler, wasn't Versaille, so much as the fact that germany had been left whole. While ALL of Europe suffered post-war syndrome. It weakened them. And, the bararic Hitler rose to power by killing all his opposition. And, England, meanwhile turned pacifistic; and shirked her responsibilites; leaving Churchill to stew OUT of power. Why? People preferred the LIES. It kept them from having to deal with the truth. They voted to believe Hitler wasn't building a war machine. Stanley Baldwin had no trouble selling his lies. Hokum sells. Unfortunately.

And, all these idiot decisions from the supreme's now? Don't fool yourselves. It's not the democraps doing. It's the choices made by the GOP to "bless" certain candidates whom they thought would turn back the clock. So you got Anthony Kennedy ('87). Sandra Day O'Connor, earlier than that. For what? SO THEY CAN LOOK TO EUROPE AND WRITE IN THEIR OPINIONS THAT INTERNATIONAL LAWS TRUMPS OUT CONSTITUTION. Go figa how this can be called "liberal." Nonsense. This stuff is DELIBERATE. Just like Hitler's rising. Counting on the "true believers" to be gullible. Well, I'm not. God Bless Independence.

At 11:21 PM, Blogger BonnieBlueFlag said...

Pindar, it's not that I am suggesting that a flag burning should be handled as a hate crime, I too am against trying to prosecute people for what they are thinking. I was making a comparison between the two symbols, the cross and the flag, and how the burning of them both has frightening affects; but, because the blacks are intimidated by burning crosses and the Confederate States battle flag, and Jesse Jackson threatens boycotts, etc., they are given special consideration.

Why must I endure the burning of the American flag?

I tried to be subtle, perhaps I was too subtle, but how long will it be before the Muslims arriving here daily, insist that the American flag is offensive to them, and must be removed from their environment, one way or another?

In years gone by, people learned good manners and respect for others from their parents. I regret that our society has reached a point where good manners must be legislated, but I feel like we must draw a line in the sand somewhere.

Not being able to burn the flag, will hardly put a stop to civil disobedience or free speech.

Frankly, I sincerely doubt that the amendment will ever see the light of day in the Senate. Hillary Clinton will gather her minions about her, using FBI files or whatever, to see to it that no one mentions that our former president, Bill Clinton, was a party to burning the American flag while in Russia in 1969.


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