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Sunday, June 26, 2005

BonnieBlueFlag ponders "The Spirit of Justice"

By BonnieBlueFlag

The next time you ask why there are no good people in Washington, DC, remind yourself of the former Attorney General, John Ashcroft?

Missouri sent a favorite son to be of service to the entire country, and in the days and months after 9/11, he did every thing humanly possible to unravel the facts of that event, and to set in motion new ways in which to prevent future attacks.
The Washington bureaucracy made his job darn near impossible. Howls from every corner could be heard across the land. "Don't blame me, or my department!" "Don't touch the funding, etc., for my department!"

The need for a "Top Secret" classification, of so much information regarding this new style war on terrorists, will prevent us from knowing all that he did to protect us for many years.

The Washington crowd made no secret from the get go, that they really didn't want a God fearing Christian in their midst. Even before 9/11, he was an easy target for the so called ladies and gentlemen of the press, and the print photographers lapping at their heels.

When the opportunity presented itself to embarrass the Attorney General, with pictures of the female anatomy just above his head, they jumped at the chance.

They positioned the cameras, so that the resulting photograph would not only be very unflattering of the man, but also make him look foolish.

I first became aware of the installation of the drapes, when I heard Whoopee Goldbergh on a talk show. She went to great lengths to tell the audience that John Ashcroft had spent $80,000 of tax payer money, to cover up the statues of Spirit of Justice and Majesty of Law. Her implication being that he was some kind of a religious freak who needed to be tarred and feathered and driven out of Washington.

At that time there was no mention any where, especially in the MSM, that the drapes were originally created by Richard Thornburgh, the Attorney General under Presidents Reagan and Bush 41.

Now that the news conferences are held in a new conference room, and Attorney General Gonzales doesn't have to face the problem of being made to look foolish by the photographers, he has authorized the removal of the drapes. Thereby giving the press one more opportunity to embarrass John Ashcroft this weekend. They did not disappoint!

John Ashcroft, a man much stronger than myself in many ways, remained a Christian openly in word and action, against a tide of secular criticism and personal attacks.
While I do not share Mr. Ashcroft's particular faith, I do consider myself a Christian. I pray every day, that if and when I am faced with the possible persecution for my own religious beliefs, that I will be as strong as he was in the face of those that only worship "earthy power" regardless of it's origins.

If my thoughts seem a little extreme in this regard, please remember the young girl at Columbine High School, who was asked if she still believed in Jesus Christ? When she replied, "Yes," they killed her in cold blood.

Written By: BonnieBlueFlag


At 2:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When poor Oscar Wilde lay dying, his last breath contained this sentence: "Either I go, or that wallpaper's gotta go." He went.

Now? Well, "either that breast's exposure's gotta go; or John Ashcroft's departure." And, John Ashcroft "went."

However, he can't go to Europe. Not Denmark, nor Italy. There, right out in the open are naked statuary. And, some of them have "boys pissing into the fountains." I'd bet he'd faint dead away.

Why are people so sensitive to the stupid stuff? And, why didn't Ashcroft just duck when he saw what the photographers were doing?

You didn't know? To capture the image you see of him, with the metallic breast behind his right ear; the photographers had to go down on the floor and shoot UP. Because the regular view ... from where normal people stand ... wouldn't have brought the statue into view.

For those who can't quite picture this; maybe, it would be a good idea if our politicians learned NOT to give the media an advantage. As the photographers head to the floor ... they'd be capturing an empty dias, fer shur, if Ashcroft just bent down enough. What's wrong with that?

It's not like he's driving a car, ya know?

Actually, in Florida, sometimes all you see above the steering wheel are two hands. And, maybe, a tuff of uncombed white hairs.

And, if it's good enough for the police not to stop these cars, how come it wouldn't be good enough for a politician to suddenly be up there; but all you'd see are his hands?


And, no photographer can get off a good shot on the fly. He needs at least to focus the lens. So, Ashcroft always had enough time to handle the press better.

Better and better is what I'd suggest to all the republicans right now. The media are NOT your friends. You are NOT the stories. ONLY getting you in awkward positions (something you'all probably wouldn't even want to do with your wives), is the only thing the press is interested in.

Notice this. Ashcroft, to stand at the dias, must have been talking! So, you tell me, breast aside, what was he saying?

DUCKING WORKS EVERY TIME. Your voice, if it's good enough, can still boom out.

Not that you asked me my opinion. CAROL

At 3:52 PM, Blogger Timothy Birdnow said...

That was beautiful, Bonnie! I`m going to link it up at Birdblog!

At 3:55 PM, Blogger BonnieBlueFlag said...

Carol, you were absolutely correct.

The photographers got down on the floor and off to the side, so they could capture the distorted view of Mr. Ashcroft. And, every body knows that low angles add chins!

So, instead of putting the drapes back up, he should have made the podium taller.

I don't think that Mr. Ashcroft was such a prude, that he couldn't handle an artistic "nekkid" statue, it was how they used the statue to make a fool of him.

He left Washington six months ago, but they couldn't wait to drag out the pictures for one more outing.

By the way, I've seen those hands on a steering wheel with a head that barely tops the dashboard. Whoever is driving, is only able to see whatever is visible just beneath the top of the steering wheel.

Then as they drive down the road starting and stopping at 10 miles an hour, there is one pile up of cars after the other going on behind them.

They are always quick to tell you that they have a spotless driving record with no accidents.


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