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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Support Freedom in Iran -- Visit this blog

By Aussiegirl

It is time for bloggers everywhere to unite and get the news out about what is and will be happening in the near future in Iran.

This is vital to not only their future but our own. If you read Tim Birdnow's column and also the column in the American Thinker linked below on UT, you will understand that regime change in Iran is the only hope we have for solving the pending nuclear nightmare facing us there.

Support the freedom fighters of Iran -- support the people who cannot get the news out because of the blackout imposed by the mullahs. In today's world -- the blogosphere is the Samizdat of the Soviet era -- get out the word!! Freedom knows no boundaries or color lines or national or religious lines -- people everywhere deserve a voice -- and deserve to live free. (Hat tip to Publius Pundit)

Be sure to visit Regime Change in Iran:

On June 17th, Iran has scheduled its Presidential elections and as the LA Times said recently:

It was already one of the most important elections in the world this year. It now also promises to be one of the most watched.

This time the world will see for itself that the elections in Iran are a fraud. The regime permits only those candidates that support the present regime to run. As Amir Taheri says, the outcome of the election is certain. The Supreme Leader of Iran will remain in complete control, the Presidency is meaningless. But the regime needs a high voter turnout to fool the world community that they are the legitimate representatives of the people.

This is why the people of Iran are boycotting the election as they did in the last Parliamentary election. They want a real democracy. But this time the world media will be watching. We need to make sure the world is watching.

Those of us in the blogosphere need to publish the news on Iran in order to help Iranians searching for news know that we support their efforts to replace the existing regime with a real democracy. This is why we ask you to publish our campaign logo on your blog.

Why republish the news? Because the regime is blocking access to most major news sites and the blogosphere is a means to frustrate their efforts. It is also important for the people of Iran to know that people around the world are standing with them in their struggle. This support has proved invaluable to others that successfully overthrew their oppressive regimes in other places around the world, such as Georgia, the Ukraine, Lebanon and elsewhere.


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