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Friday, August 19, 2005

Chinese checkers -- or Chinese checkmate?

By Aussiegirl

Another outstanding article from The American Thinker and this author who is an expert on China. I hope the administration is on top of this, although I fear that there are many of the old "China Hands" who insiston seeing China as a "complex" and "inscrutable" place of great subtlety and nuance which doesn't really harbor ill intent or hegemonic ambitions. If you follow the news on China, it is clear this author is correct. China is positioning itself, globally and strategically, for facing down and challenging the United States even to the point of eventual military conflict. But before then they will launch many proxy wars at us on many fronts, supporting terrorist regimes such as North Korea, Iran and others, using cyberwarfare to undermine our economy, not to mention monopolizing oil imports which have already raised world gas prices to record highs. Witness their recent stated intention of launching a moon mission. Space weapons anyone?

China is taking careful, deliberate and well-coordinated action on a global scale to advance relations with strategically positioned countries possessing both the natural resources and influence to support its ascension in the international community. To accelerate the growth of its power and influence on the world stage, China has eagerly embraced the concept of Global Strategic Positioning or GSP, as the ?gold standard? of its foreign policy for the 21st century.


At 2:43 PM, Blogger Billy D said...

I often worry about nanotechnology being the weapon of the (near) future. Microscopic robots built out of just a few molecules, preprogrammed to do certain functions. i.e., destroy metal, infect with deisease, whatever. We're close now. Couple more years and the nuke threat is long since dead. (You could unleash something like this that would infest and destroy a country's weapons without them seeing it happen, until it was too late)
Read up on it. Very cool stuff.

At 3:31 PM, Blogger Aussiegirl said...

Billy D. That does sound like some amazing stuff. I read something about a new discovery in that field just the other day. What an idea!!

On another note I have to thank you for all your comments on UT and apologize for always seeming to alarm you -- sometimes I almost feel guilty that every time you read something here it worries you -- I'll have to start including some cheerful posts for a change :-) otherwise you might start having nightmares!! (BTW - if you want to have nightmares check out the ghost thread on BBF's blog -- the post about Ft. McHenry.)

At 10:12 PM, Blogger Timothy Birdnow said...

China is a grave danger and threat. They are advancing steadily with rocket and electronic technology, and the day will come when we have to play catch-up. I can`t understand the myopia regarding the Red Dragon.

Unfortunately, our policies toward China are too influenced by the desire of the Coca Cola Company to sell a Coke to every one of those 1.2 Billion and not predicated on the reality of the situation. Yes, China is a huge market, and yes, we will be able to sell them plenty of rope with which to hang us!

Hey Billy D., that nanotechnology is pretty scary stuff. It is a terrifying prospect; considering what damage can be caused by microorganisms, it is pretty clear that an engineered nano device would have enormous power! (I have enough trouble with my computer; I can`t imagine having to get tech support for a microscopic robot!)


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