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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Re: The Crawford, Texas, Standoff

Posted by: BonnieBlueFlag

The following article, written by Jim Forsyth, explains much more precisely what my thoughts were yesterday.

COMMENTARY: The Racism of the Anti War Movement

By Jim Forsyth, News Radio 1200 WOAI

Like most Texas reporters, I have made the pilgrimage to interview Cindy Sheehan and her anti war comrades parked in front of Crawford. One of the made-for-television signs held up behind Cindy during the news event I attended was particularly disturbing. "Iraq," read the sign held aloft by two prosperous looking white women, "is Arabic for Vietnam."

By holding this sign, I presume they would favor that the Iraq war end the same way the war in Vietnam ended. I also presume that this means they would not oppose the same fate for the people of Iraq that befell the people of Vietnam and Cambodia after the end of US involvement there, which was one of the more horrible in the sorry annals of twentieth century tyranny. But in 1975, we were told by the anti war crowd that, after all, they were only Asians, they probably couldn't understand democracy anyway, and knew it wouldn't work 'for them.' Its sad to see the same attitude repeated today, that its not worth the blood of white Americans like Casey Sheehan to win freedom and democracy for 'those people,' in this case, brown skinned Arab Muslims.

Even if you drink every last drop of the anti war Kool Aid, even if you are convinced that President Bush was ordered by the Chairman of Halliburton to start the Iraq war and that he intentionally lied to the American people about the existence of weapons of mass destruction, the simple fact is that today, there is demonstrably more freedom for the people of Iraq and for the people of Afghanistan, some 50 million brown skinned Muslims. Yes, there is dawdling over the drafting of an Iraqi constitution, but before April of 2003, metal shredders and rape rooms awaited any Iraqi who breathed the word 'constitution.' Yes, a brutal insurgency continues to threaten the Iraqi people, an insurgency which has killed some 25,000 Iraqi civilians since April of 2003. But Saddam Hussein, even by conservative estimates, butchered 1.5 million Iraqis during his 25 years in power (not counting the one million who died in the war he started with Iran). So Saddam and his goons killed an average of 60,000 people a year, while the insurgency has killed 25,000 in two and a half years. Despite the hand-wringing over the insurgency, the devil's arithmetic would indicate that life for the average Iraq is actually safer today than it was under Saddam. But they're brown skimmed Muslims, so not worthy of America's notice, let alone America's sacrifice.

President Bush is actually the greatest liberator of Muslims in history, considering that there weren't 50 million people in the entire MIddle East when Saladin beat back the Crusader hordes. But to the anti war activists, providing freedom from slavery, democratic and economic opportunity to brown skinned people isn't worth the sacrifice of white Americans. Good thing they weren't around when Lincoln was drafting the Emancipation Proclamation.

I recently watched the magnificent Don Cheadle film "Hotel Rwanda" with a group of friends, certified Bush Bashing Democrats all. After it was over, the general murmur in the room was 'why didn't America do something!' to stop the carnage in Rwanda. If Cindy Sheehan were to get her way, and President Bush would be 'impeached and tried for war crimes' over his wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as she has demanded, the real losers will be the future citizens of Rwanda, and the other places where brutal dictators will have free reign to massacre people in large numbers, knowing that American leaders will pay too high a political price for them to get involved and 'do something.' And I don't think many of those places will be populated by white Europeans.

WOAI: San Antonio News


At 12:37 PM, Anonymous Piano Girl said...

What a magnificent piece of writing. . .I'll have to save it for reference when my liberal friends come with their usual whine about "W" and the war! Thanks, BBF ~ I always enjoy the writing that you and Aussie Girl do.

At 2:05 PM, Blogger BonnieBlueFlag said...

Hi Piano Girl,

I'm very glad that you recognized what I did, in Jim Forsyth's article. I had been trying to express similar thoughts earlier yesterday, in the comments at the "UT" post, "A hero's welcome," without a great deal of success.

When I spotted this item very early this morning, it was as if he had been reading my mind; but having been to Crawford, he could really put it all into the proper words and perspective.

When he mentioned Rwanda, and reminded us of the outcry then and now, about nothing being done for those people, everything fell into place.

There are other places even today that need assistance, but the U.N. either chooses to ignore the situations, or sends in unscrupulous people who make maters even worse with rape and corruption.

Meanwhile, the liberal elites and the wealthy entertainers sing and dance and try to shame us into sending more money to the U.N., and the despotic leaders of those countries. Money that will never reach the people, because it will never get past the sticky fingers at the U.N., or those of the morally depraved leaders.

Life and liberty cannot be purchased, especially with money given to assuage one's guilt at not wishing to get personally involved.

At 4:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The rascist MSM loves Cindy. She is a life long Communist and America hater. When she was a little girl Jane Fonda and Fony Joany were her idols. Her hatred of America and freedom becomes more clear every day. To the America hating MSM it is better to have her out front catching flak than say - Dan Rather or Larry King.

At 6:04 PM, Blogger Billy D said...

We really need to get the heck out of the UN, and stop funding it altogether. They will be nothing but trouble in our future.
Sheehan is a media wh*re living on her sons death, and dragging his name through the gutter while doing it. A more wircked and vile woman I've not seen.
Digital Brown Shirt has a great pic of her getting made up for a TV appearance, while underneath the quote from her says "If I was a media whore, wouldn't I be getting fixed up before going on TV?"

At 1:56 PM, Blogger BonnieBlueFlag said...

Cindy's 15 minutes are up, according to Bill Sammon in the Washington Times today. She is being put on a bus, and driven out of town. The locals would probably like to tar and feather her before she leaves, but that just isn't done anymore.

I'm wondering who is paying for Cindy's buses, not to mention the cost of the fuel it will take to get to Washington, DC. I cannot believe that a grass roots collection of funds will fully support Cindy and her entourage, and the cost of meals and hotel rooms.

If the deep pocket people are pulling out as indicated, perhaps Cindy and the rest of the bus people, will never make it to the White House. With any luck their buses will break down somewhere, on a flat Kansas plain in 100 degree plus temperatures.

Washington Times


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